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For the past 18 years, eIVF has provided a suite of customizable tools to manage your practice and patient cycles, and interact with patients efficiently.

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Everything you need to know about IVF

December 21, 2016

How many of these myths have you heard? Test you fertility knowledge!

September 13, 2016

Chrissy Teigen’s Fertility Journey (Update)

Chrissy Teigen’s Journey with IVF and Miscarriage

Model and businesswoman Chrissy Teigen recently took to Instagram to update us on her fertility journey with her most recent pregnancy...

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Male Fertility

How can Modeling Sperm Improve IVF?

If it becomes easier to see sperm, then it could be easier to provide IVF

Overview A study has been recently conducted by researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU) that focused on developing an accurate and secure 3D imaging process in order to minutely identify sperm cells when they are moving at a fast speed. With this technology, embryologists can acquire the capacity for identifying which sperm eggs are preferable to use for fertilizing an egg during IVF treatments and developing them into thriving fetuses and then healthy babies...

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Celebrity Rainbow Babies

The Cutest Symbols Of Hope

Miscarriage is devastating, to say the least. It’s the kind of pain that’s difficult to understand unless you’ve been through it yourself. Pregnancy loss can happen to anyone--even celebrities. It can be discouraging, even scary, to try again for a little one...

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The Key Male Fertility Protein (Revealed)

A New Study Reveals that Male Fertility is Closely Linked to Presence of this Key Protein

We all know the basics of male fertility from biology class: sperm comes from the testes, and then ejaculated during intercourse. You may have heard more from articles about male infertility as well...

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Case Studies

How Do Women Select Their Partners?

A New Study Finds Fascinating Results

At some point in time, we have all wondered why people find attraction where they do. Whether that be because we have found ourselves unexpectedly infatuated with someone...

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Fertility Research

Where is the Future of Fertility Testing Heading?

The answer is on your head: exploring advances in fertility testing through hair

Understanding AMH According to MedlinePlus, testing the levels of AMH is vital when it concerns a woman’s ability to conceive a child, because the levels show how many viable eggs a woman has. The amount of viable eggs can also be referred to as a woman’s ovarian reserve...

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing an EMR

Can An IVF Response Be A Predictor Of Future Disease?

It’s Not As Crazy As You’d Think

When fertility issues continue through our IVF journeys, we can usually point to a reason for the extra hurdles. But what if our hardships were leading us in a different direction or trying to tell us something?...

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Female Fertility

10 Celebrities You Know Who’ve Opened Up About Their Miscarriages

These Celebs Tell All About Their Experience with a Taboo

Miscarriage is one of the most taboo subjects when it comes to conception. Many women see the experience as shameful, thinking that it was something they did wrong in the carrying out of their pregnancy...

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Our Billions of Historical Fertility Data Points

Power your clinic's decision-making with eIVF big data & machine learning


Predictive analytics for your patients.

Achieve a higher fertility rate with eIVF's aggregate fertility dataset powered by Machine Learning algorithms developed by Carnegie Mellon PhD alumnus.

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Join the conversation.

Data, articles, and forums from eIVF give people around the world the opportunity to learn and connect.

A new approach to biometrics.

Achieve greater peace of mind at every stage in your workflows using eIVF's complete and comprehensive lab solution.

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We Power Epic PhD Studies

From Harvard to Princeton, our data powers important fertility studies

SCIENTIFIC STUDIES using eivf data
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Millions of Patients Read The eIVF Blog

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State of Illinois to Pay for Egg Freezing in the Face of Disease

How this new law gives women with cancer the ability to plan their future family

Is It Safe to Get Pregnant When You Have Osteoporosis?

What You Need to Know About For Your (and Your Baby's!) Health
Fertility Support

Signs of Infertility

Everything You Need to Know Now If You Want to Have Kids Later

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