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Everything you need to know about IVF

December 21, 2016

How many of these myths have you heard? Test you fertility knowledge!

September 13, 2016
Female Fertility

Ovarian Tissue Freezing vs. Egg Freezing

Based on a new study, ovarian tissue freezing has just become a more viable option for women who want to preserve fertility and hormonal functions.

Egg freezing is a great option for women who want to save their eggs for later use. However egg freezing isn’t always the most viable option, for women with special medical or other conditions, or for women who want to preserve hormonal function as well as fertility ...

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Female Fertility

Peanut App Offers Support to Moms and Women Trying to Conceive

Looking to be part of a community of women? The Peanut app might be worth checking out.

What is the Peanut app? Michelle Kennedy is the CEO and founder of the app that connects like-minded women around the world. The app offers support to women who have been and are hoping to be mothers ...

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Female Fertility

Should You Be Using a Fertility App?

Fertility apps are growing in popularity, but are they effective methods of tracking fertility?

If you are a woman wanting to assess her menstrual health and fertility, the most common method used to be frequent visits to the gynecologist or another clinician. But in this new age of technology, more women are turning instead to fertility apps available on smartphones ...

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Infertility Treatment Options Beyond IVF

IVF isn’t your last hope! Today there are many options for parents to bring a baby into the world.

Infertility is a common phenomenon, affecting one out of every eight American couples. Luckily infertility is not the end; there are many paths to parenthood. IVF for forty years has been the go to for parents with infertility, but IVF is no longer the only option ...

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Top Influencers Who Shared Their Infertility Journey With the World

These celebrities have opened up about their struggles with infertility

As any woman dealing with infertility, you are aware that it can be a long and hard road. There are a multitude of reasons over 7.4 million women in the United States alone are engaging in some type of fertility treatment...

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Female Fertility

Top 5 Fertility Apps for Women Trying to Conceive

Check out these apps to track your pregnancy journey from your phone

In our connected world, there’s an app for everything. Whether you want to do brain games, lower your debt, or even learn how to take better pictures, it’s never been easier to have so much access to many different applications...

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Female Fertility

The HPV Vaccine Might Be Even Better Than We Thought

The growing concern that the HPV vaccine harms fertility has been disproven by a new study which says otherwise

As more American teenagers take the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, concern of the harmful effects of the HPV vaccine grows louder. However a new study led by a researcher from Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) tells a different story, which may change the way we view the HPV vaccine forever ...

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Are Transgender Youth Considering Fertility Preservation?

What kind of barriers are preventing transgender young adults from getting all the facts on fertility preservation?

When you’re young, fertility preservation isn’t the first thing on your mind. In fact, unless you have a condition that might affect your fertility, you might not even consider that fertility preservation could be an option...

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Our Billions of Historical Fertility Data Points

Power your clinic's decision-making with eIVF big data & machine learning


Predictive analytics for your patients.

Achieve a higher fertility rate with eIVF's aggregate fertility dataset powered by Machine Learning algorithms developed by Carnegie Mellon PhD alumnus.

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Join the conversation.

Data, articles, and forums from eIVF give people around the world the opportunity to learn and connect.

A new approach to biometrics.

Achieve greater peace of mind at every stage in your workflows using eIVF's complete and comprehensive lab solution.

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We Power Epic PhD Studies

From Harvard to Princeton, our data powers important fertility studies

eivf data in action
eivf data in action
SCIENTIFIC STUDIES using eivf data
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Give your patients our original content that helps increase your fertility rates.


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How this new law gives women with cancer the ability to plan their future family

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What You Need to Know About For Your (and Your Baby's!) Health
Fertility Support

Signs of Infertility

Everything You Need to Know Now If You Want to Have Kids Later

eIVF is "the Gold Standard"

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"eIVF is The Gold Standard of Fertility Clinic EMR & Analytics"

Dr. Michael Alper
Boston IVF & Harvard Med School

"eIVF has made our staff more efficient and actually have fun on this intricate yet easy to use program."

Dr. Michael Alper
Boston IVF & Harvard Med School

"By far the best clinical software for tracking laboratory data"

Dr. Michael Alper
Boston IVF & Harvard Med School

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