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Everything you need to know about IVF

December 21, 2016

How many of these myths have you heard? Test you fertility knowledge!

September 13, 2016
Fertility Research

Possible Solution Emerges for Young Men Facing Infertility

This Ongoing Study is Freezing Testicular Tissue in the Hopes of Generating Sperm in the Future

Certain medical treatments, cancers, and other health disorders can result in a boy or young man becoming infertile. While banking sperm is an option for post-pubescent patients, for boys who have yet to go through puberty and young men who are too sick to produce a sperm sample, there is little hope of preserving fertility for later use . . .

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The Importance of Good Health During Pregnancy

Recent Study Links Viral Infections in Pregnant Women to Abnormalities in Offspring

Pregnancy can be overwhelming, but expecting mothers should take care not to neglect their health—for their own sake, as well as that of their baby. New research suggests that viral infections during pregnancy could result in brain changes in the child, leading to abnormal behavior in offspring . . .

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US Women Planning Pregnancies for Spring Births

Study Shows Interesting Trend in Married, Educated American Women

Spring is a beautiful time of the year—flowers are blooming, the weather is getting warmer, the leaves are growing back on trees. And, according to a recent study, a significant number of married US women would prefer to give birth in the spring . . .

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Tumor-Suppressor Gene Could Also Prevent Birth Defects

A New Study Suggests P53 is Vital to Embryonic Development in Females

The human body is an incredibly complex puzzle made up of a variety of smaller, equally complex pieces, also known as genes. Genetic coding is responsible for everything from height and eye color to personality traits and which diseases a person is most susceptible to . . .

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Worrying For Two: Managing Stress During Pregnancy

Tips and Tricks on Reducing Stress for the Health of Both You and Your Baby

Why You Should Take Your Migraines Seriously When You’re Pregnant

Study Finds That Untreated Migraines Could Increase the Risk of Pregnancy Complications

Migraines are extraordinarily painful and quite common, especially in women. Around 85 percent of people who suffer from migraines are women, and migraines affect about 18 percent of American women . . .

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This Type of Fat Could Be Harmful to Your Pregnancy

A new study suggests overeating Omega-6 fats could negatively impact pregnancy.

Omega-6 fats play a crucial role in the functioning and structure of cell membranes and also help regulate gene activity within the cell. Linoleic acid is one of the most prominent acids found in Omega-6 fat and is considered an essential fatty acid because the body is unable to synthesize it . . .

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Case Studies

Why is Dad Sad?

New study shows postnatal depression in men is often overlooked.

Postnatal depression—also called postpartum depression—is a type of depression that can develop following the birth of a baby. In recent years, more and more awareness has been brought to the condition, and several celebrities, including Chrissy Teigen, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Brooke Shields, have publicly shared their experiences with it following their own pregnancies . . .

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Our Billions of Historical Fertility Data Points

Power your clinic's decision-making with eIVF big data & machine learning


Predictive analytics for your patients.

Achieve a higher fertility rate with eIVF's aggregate fertility dataset powered by Machine Learning algorithms developed by Carnegie Mellon PhD alumnus.

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Join the conversation.

Data, articles, and forums from eIVF give people around the world the opportunity to learn and connect.

A new approach to biometrics.

Achieve greater peace of mind at every stage in your workflows using eIVF's complete and comprehensive lab solution.

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We Power Epic PhD Studies

From Harvard to Princeton, our data powers important fertility studies

eivf data in action
eivf data in action
SCIENTIFIC STUDIES using eivf data
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State of Illinois to Pay for Egg Freezing in the Face of Disease

How this new law gives women with cancer the ability to plan their future family

Is Osteoporosis Pregnancy Safe?

What You Need to Know About For Your (and Your Baby's!) Health
Fertility Support

Signs of Infertility

Everything You Need to Know Now If You Want to Have Kids Later

eIVF is "the Gold Standard"

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"eIVF is The Gold Standard of Fertility Clinic EMR & Analytics"

Dr. Michael Alper
Boston IVF & Harvard Med School

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Dr. Michael Alper
Boston IVF & Harvard Med School

"By far the best clinical software for tracking laboratory data"

Dr. Michael Alper
Boston IVF & Harvard Med School

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