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About Us

Innovative products and services that deliver vital, frontline reproductive-science intelligence

About Us

Innovative products and services that deliver vital, frontline reproductive -science intelligence. The products and services in eIVF are built upon solutions crafted in response to "real life" clinical information needs of REI practitioners. The built-in, thorough clinical content provides a high degree of flexibility in eIVF to meet functional and workflow needs of the client.

Celebrating 20 Years of eIVF

Since 2002, eIVF has empowered countless medical professionals to take control of their information to make better decisions with their patients.

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PracticeHwy is a leader in healthcare software which serves over 140 fertility practices and clinics worldwide.  In 2002, they launched eIVF, one of the first electronic medical record platforms focused on Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility practices.

Since then, eIVF has supported data entry for over a million cycles.  Known for its pursuit of excellence in the fertility industry, PracticeHwy has seen a consistent growth trajectory throughout the years by continuously developing innovative solutions which support all aspects of a fertility center’s operations.


“Best meets the needs of a busy, modern ART practice...”

Michael Opsahl, MD
Medical Director– Northwest Center for Reproductive Sciences

“eIVF has made our nurses and lab staff very happy... they can be more efficient and actually have fun on this intricate yet easy to use program"

Allen Morgan, MD 
Medical Director – Shore IVF

“Excellent clinical software for tracking laboratory data”

J. Kevin Thibodeaux, PhD 
Laboratory Director – Tulsa Fertility Center

“eIVF offers all the advantages of an EMR tailored to our fertility practice. We are extremely happy with it.”

Dehan Chen, MD 
Associate Clinical Director – The Valley Fertility Center


The largest clinics have been using eIVF to power their practice for years.

Microsoft Business Solutions

PracticeHwy.com, Inc. is a a Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider. Through this relationship with Microsoft, PracticeHwy is provided with product licenses for internal and marketing use, extensive technical training and support, access to pre-release product strategy and program codes, sales and marketing resources, direct communications with Microsoft staff, and joint marketing opportunities.

Burman's Pharmacy

Burman's Pharmacy, a family owned business, has been helping patients and physicians towards successful outcomes for over 40 years. Burman's Pharmacy has systems and procedures in place that alleviate stress on both a patient and her physician. By off-loading the details of pharmacy, both patient and physician can concentrate their time and energy on what is their primary focus - monitoring cycles.

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