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Achieve greater peace of mind for your patients and your lab.

A New Approach to Biometrics

Right Patient,
Right Specimen,
Right at Your Fingertips!

As an addition to eIVF, the most comprehensive workflow automation tool in the industry, eIVF Biometrics combines a fully-integrated lab management and witness technology solution with the only fertility-based platform providing 100% positive patient identification through cutting-edge biometrics technology.

Importantly, because eIVF Biometrics encompasses the entire laboratory process, it is able to anticipate where adverse events could occur and implements the proper system for prevention.

Featured Advantages:

The patient’s fertility journey to become parents is a multifaceted process. It requires the ultimate attention to detail, and has zero room for errors.

With the heightened awareness surrounding safety in the lab, it is important for patients to have peace of mind that their future family is safe and secure throughout the entire fertility process. This solution can be found with eIVF Biometrics.

Its powerful features allow you to:

  • Real-time Patient Cycle and Procedure Tracking - the entire fertility process can be fully streamlined to fit a practice’s customized workflow and tracked in real-time to improve their efficiency and accuracy from beginning to end
  • Labeling and Identification - simplified labeling and identification minimizes the risk of patient and specimen mismatches ensuring patient safety
  • Full-Integration into an EMR - data is easily imported into eIVF and tracked for maximum accuracy and a seamless workflow
  • Risk Management - eIVF Biometrics removes the manual process of patient identification and provides 100% positive identification for every embryo, eggs or sperm throughout the patient’s entire fertility journey
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Cryo Storage Management

eIVF’s powerful cryo storage management tool allows you to easily manage your egg, embryo, and sperm banks.  At the touch of your finger tips, you will be able to have a full inventory of every single specimen in any of your storage tanks and canisters.

This formidable platform provides a cryo storage billing module, which can also proactively send SMS text reminders to patients when their storage payment is due.





eIVF’s Andrology system optimizes the entire andrology lab workflow by:

  • eliminating transcription steps
  • automating ordering and resulting processes
  • optimizing data capture for IUI, Semen Analysis, and Cryopreservation and Thawing of samples


eIVF Biometrics offers simplified consumable labeling, identification of patient samples through barcode scanning, and patient identification and sample chain of custody through biometric authentication.

Gamete sheet information can automatically populate from Biometrics to eIVF, reducing extra work and helping to ensure data accuracy. eIVF-Connect adheres to industry standard messaging systems, including:

  • Egg/Embryo Banking
  • Tank Management
  • Bar Coding
  • Multi-User Access
  • Automated Storage/Billing Collection
  • Electronic Consent Form
  • Electronic Patient Instructions