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Fertility Advice

Our experts write fertility advice & news to help you in your journey

Female Fertility

Mineral Up: Diets Low in These Minerals Cause Ovulation Problems

Find out which minerals to increase to avoid anovulation, one of the leading causes of infertility.
Fertility Research

The More the Merrier: Rise in Multiple Births as Women Decide to Wait

Here are the reasons behind and risks associated with the climb in multiple births as women have children later on in life.
Fertility Support

Are Doctors Prepared to Talk about Fertility?

When seeking care, doctors provide valuable information that can help inform lifestyle and medical choices. Fertility problems are often addressed by specialists, but are primary care physicians and OB-GYNs prepared to breach these conversations with their patients early on?

Breastfeeding and Baby Making: More is More

New study finds that women who breastfeed for five or more months are more likely to have more kids.
Fertility Research

National Fertility not Reaching a Recovery: Here’s Why

While the drop in U.S. fertility rates was not news, that the fertility rate won’t recover is.
Fertility Research

Marijuana and Reactive Oxygen Species: Exploring Links Between Smoking and Fertility

Due to recent legalization of marijuana in certain states, people are becoming increasingly concerned about the long term effects of marijuana on fertility.
December 21, 2016

Everything you need to know about IVF

September 13, 2016

How many of these myths have you heard? Test you fertility knowledge!


The Killer Whale’s Tour of Mourning: A Testament to a Mother’s Love and Grief

At the end of July, a female orca gave birth to a baby that would die shortly after. In a record-breaking show of mourning, she carried her calf on her back for 17 days.

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Fertility Research

Use your Menstrual Cycle to Help your Doctor Determine Your Fertility

Don’t let your most fertile time of the month slip through your fingers. Learn how and why to track your menstrual cycle and help your doctor spot any troubles down the line.

I’m not writing this article to scare you into throwing away your microwave. I’m not writing it to sell you any sort of theory or to influence you in this ongoing microwave debate, one way or another. I want to shed a little light on what’s really going on when you microwave your food and whether it poses any real danger to you or your baby...

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State of Illinois to Pay for Egg Freezing in the Face of Disease

How this new law gives women with cancer the ability to plan their future family

Is Osteoporosis Pregnancy Safe?

What You Need to Know About For Your (and Your Baby's!) Health
Fertility Support

Signs of Infertility

Everything You Need to Know Now If You Want to Have Kids Later

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