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Our Portals

In eIVF portals, integrated clinical, administrative, financial and research information is presented logically and effectively.

Patient Portal

Delight patients and deliver secure, reliable point-of-care information over the Web. Helps streamline communication to disseminate value-added information better and faster, while maintaining a magnifying glass on true patient care. Incorporates SMS(Text, E-mail & Voice Messaging System.)


Patient Intake
Satisfaction Survey
Appointment Reminders
Medication Instructions and Cycle Information
Lab Results
Consent forms / Patient Instructions
Account Balances
Online Bill pay
& more!

Donor Portal

Integrated Egg Banking Module for Efficient Oocyte Management. Automates recruiting, matching and compliance management processes of ovum donor. Contains a comprehensive intake / history form with an up-to-date FDA questionnaire.


Third Party Cycle Management
Same-Sex-Couple Compliance Features
Easy Navigation Between Donor/IP/GC/Surrogate
Treatment Instructions
Customized Calendars
Supports SMS (Text, Email & Voice Messaging System)

Pharmacy Portal

It takes literally FIVE SECONDS to write and deliver detailed medication order information to your preferred pharmacy and your Patient/Donor Portal. Streamlines the prescribing process and eliminates redundant tasks and communications that hamper so much of your clinical staff’s productivity.

Your Patient/Donor Portal also makes it easier than ever to comply with all federal, state, NCPDP, payers, and PBM mandates and standards.

Research Portal

Critical Insights Into Methods and Outcomes

Equipped with the most sophisticated On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) engine, eIVF Research Portal offers customized, multidimensional analysis to test hypotheses and analyze treatment methods and outcomes.

Detect Patterns. Discover Outcomes. Gain Insights.

Demographics Information
Scheduling Information
Registration Information
History, Prior Evaluations and Outcomes
Stimulation, Lab and Protocols Data
Interfaces to SART, WESTAT and BORN
Aggregate Data Research

PGD Portal

Automates and Accelerates the Flow of Information

A modern data exchange portal that captures and delivers cycle and embryonic development information to PGD labs and displays PGD/PGS results and interpretation directly into the patients’ gamete sheets.


Paperless, Secure, Reliable
Incorporates PGD/PGS Results
Captures Detailed Information for each Chromosome
Facilitates Improved Implantation
ART Outcome
Aggregate Data Research


Innovative self-service solution-- a freestanding, interactive system that streamlines the entire patient registration process from check in to payment.


Self Service Check In
Capture Patient / Partner Photo
Scan in Driver's License
Scan in Insurance Card
Print Bar Coded Labels
Print Encounter Form
Collect payment (future)
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