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An Update On Amy Smart's Fertility Journey

Following up on Smart’s family and the impact that telling the story of her journey had on all of us.

Anita Parrott

Image courtesy of Romper.

Actress Amy Smart’s fertility journey began 9 years ago when she and her husband, Carter Oosterhouse opened up about their struggles to conceive. Directly after their marriage in 2011, the couple were surprised to find that they were having trouble conceiving. Amy and her husband Carter spent five years in their own fertility journey and were finally able to have a child via surrogacy. Amy’s honesty and transparency about her experiences throughout her fertility have inspired so many to continue on their own path towards parenthood.

In this article we’re going to discuss:

  • Amy Smart’s Fertility Journey
  • How They’re Doing Now
  • Transparency 
  • Conclusion
A woman looks out of a window while having doubts about her fertility journey.
Embarking on your fertility journey can be daunting and scary. There’s so much uncertainty when it comes to tackling infertility, but finding others going through the same or seeing celebrities who have been through something similar can be very empowering. 

Amy Smart’s Fertility Journey

The road that led to the birth of her daughter Flora

Just Friends actress, Amy Smart has never been one to keep from disclosing how difficult the fertility journey was for her and her husband. Amy and Carter dealt with infertility for years and finally arrived on the decision to have a surrogate carry their child. Amy states that she’d never even considered surrogacy years before making their decision to go that route. This entire experience has made Smart “become more flexible and… open to different ways of creating a child.” 

Amy Smart’s journey is in so many ways a testament to the experiences that so many mothers and fathers go through on their way to become parents. No matter what you anticipate your journey to be like, things always seem to have a way of surprising us. Amy’s story illustrates how getting from point A to point B is most certainly not always linear.

How They’re Doing Now

Three years after welcoming a daughter into their family

Both Amy and her husband have both opened up about what being new parents has been like for them. The choice to have a surrogate was a tough one that they hadn’t considered previously, but to bring their own little girl of the world was more than worth it. 

As of now, they’re raising their daughter in LA and trying to balance challenges on this new leg of their journey through parenting. For Amy, this means working schedules around as she continues to act while making time for her daughter and her husband, Carter also has a career of his own. Amy continually emphasizes that her family is her priority, while also being willing to take breaks and make some time for herself by hiring an amazing babysitter. 


The impact of being more open about fertility struggles 

With over 120,000 followers on Instagram, one post from Amy reaches out to a massive audience. Being in the public eye and discussing the difficulties of facing infertility can make tens if not hundreds of thousands of people feel so much better about what they’re going through. In an interview, Amy talks about how hard her fertility journey was and that people sharing their difficulties and struggles will help everyone “not feel alone in the process.”

A family leaves their shoes in a row beside the front door.
Amy and her family are one of many fertility journeys that end with a happy ending. Their road towards having a baby was far off the beaten path. If anything they’re a great example of why you should hold onto hope and look into options you hadn’t even begun to consider. There is a world full of treatments out there to help couples who struggle with infertility conceive a child, it may not be the first or second option that works for you and your partner.


You’ll get to exactly where you’re meant to be!

One of the most helpful things to do when you’re going through something is talking about it with someone. The mere actions of sharing with those close to you or other people who know a similar struggle to the one that you’re dealing with can be extremely cathartic. Amy Smart’s fertility has undoubtedly reached so many people that simply needed some reassurance that what they were going through was something that others went through in the past, present, or future. There can be something so personal, and comforting about discussing shared experiences; especially in the pursuit of bringing a child into the world.

Fertility journeys can be a rocky road for all parties involved. It’s a trying time that may wear on your relationship, your body, and your mental health. But it’s the difficulty, and the strength you have to overcome that difficulty that makes every day with your little one that much more special.


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