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At-Home Fertility Test Lets You Zoom In On Your Sperm

February 9, 2017
eIVF Network

There is a common misconception that fertility during the reproductive system is concerned only with women. A man’s fertility also plays an active role during conception. Due to the social stigma attached to infertility, having a fertility test is an embarrassment. Adding to it, the close supervision of a doctor and a sterile room to collect the sperm samples is not a very pleasant experience. In today’s times, people are very conscious about their potency. This is because due to technology and education, laymen have proper knowledge about the same. There are some fertility kits for women through which tests can be conducted at home. This isn’t the case with men, though. Therefore, a U.S.-based company has come up with the first male fertility kit for use at home known as the YO Sperm Test.

This male fertility kit is convenient to use for the individual without the need of any technical knowledge. It has to be attached to the smartphone with the help of which the device will analyze the fertility. This smartphone-powered device not only gives the sperm count but also states how active the sperms are. Produced by the Medical Electronics System of the U.S., the CEO of this company Marcia Deutsch indicated that the device concentrates on analyzing how fast can the sperms swim. She further added that for good fertility it is not important to have just a high sperm count. Even if a man is producing 100 million sperms, it is useless if these sperms are dead or don’t swim.

How does the YO Sperm Test work

The YO Sperm Test has attained approval from the FDA to be used as an at-home test. The male fertility kit comes with all the apparatus which is essential for a proper medical test. It consists of materials needed to collect the sample which is a sample cup, a plastic pipette, a testing slide, a mini-microscope, and also a special liquefying powder. One has to attach the mini-microscope to the camera of the smartphone through which the device will measure the sperm motility. Along with the mobility and speed of the sperms, it also captures the sperm count and presents everything on the smartphone’s screen. The smartphone-powered device is for men who are curious to know about their reproductive health in an elaborate manner. It also tells the user about any reproductive problems which might cause infertility.

The YO Sperm Test is very convenient to use. On arranging the supplies and putting the sample into the container, the individual has to add the special liquefying powder into the collection cup. After this, he must swirl the sample for 10 to 15 seconds and let it rest for around 10 minutes. This sample has to be piped onto the testing slide and inserted into the clip of the mini-microscope. The app will then carefully analyze the sample and take a 30-second video of the same. This male fertility test is available for pre-order at the price of $50 and is proven 97 percent accurate. It is compatible with all the latest iPhone models apart from the Plus series and Samsung Galaxy S6, S7.

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