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At-Home Sperm Freezing Kits Provide an Alternative to Uncomfortable Fertility Clinics

Fertility clinics can be intimidating and even uncomfortable, especially for men. To provide a sense of comfort for men who feel uneasy going to a fertility clinic, or even men who are unable to go to in person, they can easily provide a sperm sample using the new at-home sperm freezing kit.

May 4, 2020
Sara Nuss

Trips to the fertility clinics can be very uncomfortable for many men. Whether it’s the feeling of being to provide a sperm sample on demand in a cup, or just being uncomfortable, the at-home sperm freezing kits can be a useful alternative to making a trip at a fertility clinic. The at-home freezing sperm kits are also perfect for men that are unable to make it to a fertility clinic, such as men that suffer from cancer, or men that are unable to attend an appointment in person.

This article covers:

  • Why do men provide sperm samples?
  • How does the at-home sperm freezing kit work?
  • Who can benefit from the at-home sperm freezing kit?

Why Do Men Go to Fertility Clinics?

While it may seem uncommon for men to go to a fertility clinic, contrary to belief, many men go for many reasons. With scheduling an appointment at a fertility clinic, men are able to get their fertility assessed by a doctor and check for any signs of infertility. This is the main reason why many men go to fertility clinics. Here, they are able to provide a sperm sample to be tested and even provide blood work to test for infertility.

couple talking to a doctor
Fertility clinics can be intimidating for a man, but the at-home sperm freezing kit is a new alternative to provide a sperm sample in the comfort of your own home. 

Many men also go to fertility clinics for other reasons, such as donating sperm, or even if their partner is undergoing in vitro fertilization. For IVF, a man provides a sperm sample for his partner, and it is put into a petri dish along with a woman’s eggs. Once they are fertilized, they are put back into a woman’s uterus to hopefully help her get pregnant. 

How Does the At-Home Sperm Freezing Kit Work?

The at-home sperm freezing kit is a great alternative to men going into fertility clinics to provide sperm samples. Whether they can’t make it in person, or it is uncomfortable for them, this is a great way to do it in the comfort of your own home. This kit allows for men to cryopreserve their sperm samples and put them in a freezer for later use. Now men can send in their sperm samples at a later time instead of doing it right on the spot in a clinic. 

Research presented in Vienna by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) tested semen from 41 men. These men provided their sperm samples in different ways, such as fresh sperm, professionally frozen sperm, and sperm using the at-home sperm freezing kit. The results from the research showed that both of the frozen groups showed no difference between one another. The only factor that plays into the preservation of sperm through the at-home freezing kit is that it has to be sent in at some point to keep the sperm frozen at a consistent temperature, unlike freezers in your home.

Who Can Benefit From the At-Home Sperm Freezing Kits?

Many men can benefit from the at-home sperm freezing kits. It can be very uncomfortable coming to a clinic to provide a sperm sample because of the setting they are put in. This could benefit men that are very anxious coming into a fertility clinic, along with men that are unable to provide semen under these stressful circumstances.

The at-home sperm freezing kit is perfect for many men that are unavailable to get to a fertility clinic in person, or for men who are stuck in the hospital, such as men going through chemotherapy. 

The at-home sperm freezing kit is also perfect for men who are sick and unable to come to a fertility clinic in person, such as men who are going through chemotherapy. This is also used for men who need a sperm sample for IVF, or who are going to undergo a vasectomy. Freezing sperm is a great way to preserve sperm for men who are at an advancing age, for men who have a low sperm quality and/or quantity, and for many other reasons as well. Talk to your doctor today about freezing your sperm and the benefits of it.


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