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Creating A Support Network When Undergoing Fertility Treatments

October 13, 2017
Katie Visco
Support Network

The journey to conception often can have painful detours. If you are undergoing fertility treatments, you might feel isolated from people around you. You might worry that they are judging your choices or that they can't possibly understand what you are going through. But having a strong support network while undergoing fertility treatments is crucial. Check out our tips on how to get the solace you need from friends and family.

Explain Your Choices

Communication is key. Explain the problems you have been having conceiving to family and friends. You might find that they have experienced similar issues and can give you helpful tips. If someone doesn't react the way you hoped, it might be because they don't have enough information. Encourage them to ask questions and show their support.

Stay Informed

There are many options available to couples that are struggling to conceive. Talking to your family, friends, and doctor will help you figure out what method is best for you. One such option is in vitro, or IVF treatment. Talk to a professional to see if IVF fits your needs. Each situation is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all treatment. Through a combination of independent research and professional advice, you will be able to map out your best path to parenthood.

Talk to the Clinic

Receiving fertility treatments can cause a wide range of emotions. You might feel overwhelmed at the thought of becoming a parent. You might worry about judgement from others. You are making a life-changing decision--of course you're emotional! But remember, you are never alone. Talk to the staff at your clinic. They may be able to point you to helpful resources in your area, such as local support groups. Discuss how you're feeling and never be afraid to ask for help. They've seen it all!

Think Positively

There is power in our thoughts. If you constantly are second guessing your decisions or engaging in negative self talk, you are never going to be happy. Surround yourself with positive people who are supportive of your choices. Enjoy the road to parenthood!

Get Online

While advice from friends and family can be helpful, sometimes we need to talk to people who know exactly what we are going through. Whether you are looking for advice, or you simply want to talk, online support communities can be a great source of comfort. Check out DailyStrength, an online support community where you can share advice, experiences, and stories with people who are dealing with similar struggles. Many people face challenges when trying to conceive. When you have the proper emotional support, you will truly be able to enjoy your path to parenthood.


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