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How to Get Pregnant on the First Try

June 22, 2017
Emma Holt

Trying to get pregnant for the first time is a waiting game that no one likes to play. Some people think all it takes it quitting birth control, keeping a healthy sleep schedule and obviously having lots and lots of sex. I'm sure many women wish it were that easy. 

First and foremost, nutrition 

Not that you need an excuse to quit, but smoking isn't doing you any favors, neither does consuming alcohol. Now's a good time to stop both of those things. Keep your energy up by eating something healthy every three to four hours and pick your meals wisely. Eat lots of healthy fats including avocado, nuts and olive oil. 

Manipulate your uterus 

Ok, this sounds scary but bare with me. After sex, it may be a good idea to put your legs up the wall or hug your knees tightly to your chest to ensure the sperm is settling around the egg to fertilize properly. 

Timing is everything 

The best advice I can give you when trying to get pregnant is to have sex as much as possible. Ovulation and a few days before also plays a big role in conceiving because it's when you're the most fertile. You may want to consider purchasing an ovulation kit if your cycle isn't the average 28 days. 

Familiarize yourself with acupuncture 

Even if you aren't struggling with fertility that you know of, visiting the acupuncturist can relax you and reduce your stress levels. (We all know stressing doesn't do you any favors.) I know - the needles sound the opposite of relaxing but it's definitely worth giving it a shot. Acupuncture can address problems that affect fertility. 

Becoming pregnant on the first try just isn't heard of these days. Fertility is seemingly growing more and more complicated but the most important thing you can do to increase your chances is to take care of yourself by putting your body first. The Bump conducted a study to show that 38% of women get pregnant the first month of trying. If you do these things, then I promise you, the odds are in your favor.


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