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Inspiring Woman Chooses to be a Single Mother

August 22, 2017
Emma Holt

When you're 40, single, and longing to be a mother, there's always the option of raising a family on your own with a little help from IVF. One woman named Sarah Lenti shares her promise to become a mother by the time she turns 38, should she still be single. Raised in a Christian, conservative home, the decision certainly wasn't easy for her since her family expected her to fall in love, marry a man, and THEN start a family. Unfortunately for all women, the world of dating has significantly changed and women find themselves turning to Tinder and Bumble to find not only a date, but a possible husband and father to their future children. While Sarah gave it a shot, she ultimately decided that a man would not determine whether or not she would become a mother. Sarah Lenti made the brave and empowering decision to begin a family on her own, despite what others may think and the financial costs to follow. Listen to her experience with IVF, the broken relationship with her mother, thoughts on adoption, and how she chose a donor.


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