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Jordana Brewster Looking to Have More Kids

The Fast & The Furious star loves being a mom and is looking to grow her family

March 1, 2019

Jordana Brewster-- successful Hollywood actress and star of The Fast & The Furious franchise-- recently stated that she definitely wants to have more kids. The actress has been open with the fact that she cannot have children and decided to use a surrogate to start her family. Like other celebrities-- and ordinary women alike-- Jordana has felt the pain of infertility and knows what it’s like to go through that struggle. She has been very candid about her journey through all of this, and in this article we’ll see:

  • Her journey through infertility and surrogacy
  • Just how much she loves being a mom
Image courtesy of Hollywood Life. All of Jordana’s children were born with the help of surrogate. She has been open with that since the beginning, and helping others realize this might be an option for them.

Journey through infertility and surrogacy

Jordana Brewster and her husband Andrew Form knew they wanted to start a family. The actress said this was always her dream, but soon found out there were some problems. Together the couple explored various infertility treatments but ultimately decided they would use a surrogate to start their family together.

She feels-- like other women in her situation-- that is should be easier for couples to talk about and explore infertility treatments such as IVF and using a surrogate. It seems there’s still a culture of silence around infertility-- especially in women-- and people just don’t like to think about it, much less talk about it. Unfortunately, this only makes couples dealing with these issues feel more isolated and alone. Perhaps if more people spoke up like Jordana, we as a society could start to deconstruct this societal taboo.

When they decided to use a surrogate, Jordana and Andrew knew they had made the right choice. This was the best way for them to start their family-- and in defiance of celebrity culture-- decided to go public about it. When their first son Julian was born, the couple decided they were going to be open about their use of a surrogate. She felt this was appropriate to let everyone know-- since she had obviously never been pregnant-- and was relieved not feel as judged as she had expected. Feeling lucky that she could be as open as she was, Jordana still feels it’s not fair that a lot of other women and their partners have to go through this experience alone. As difficult as it may be for a celebrity to worry about judgment, other couples still have a hard time facing it from society and their families.

Jordana knew she wanted to be a mom, and she and her husband decided using a surrogate was their best option.

Being a mom

After her successful first surrogate pregnancy, Jordana and her husband wanted to continue to grow their family. They welcomed their second son Rowan via surrogacy as well. Again, she was able to be out in the open about her use of surrogate, and hopes to encourage other couples going through infertility treatments to be open to the idea of surrogacy.

Because she did not physically carried her children, Jordana admits that even sometimes she did feel a little at a loss. But she’s thankful to have such a close network of friends and family that have supported her and her husband through all of this.

Being a mom is everything in the world to Jordana, and she is incredibly grateful she was able to start her family with the help of a surrogate. When asked when we can expect to see baby number 3, she was emphatic that she definitely wants to have more children. That means Jordana and her husband will again to turn to a surrogate to help them grow their family.

Luckily, she has never felt judged by her desire to be open about her infertility and use of a surrogate. Although it’s getting better, this isn’t a common feeling amongst other women who-- as women-- often feel it’s their responsibility to fix the problem the couple is facing together.  All too often couples stay silent and endure multiple rounds of treatment, all without even considering a surrogate.

Sometimes this is due to inherent biases that the biological mother will be the surrogate. To some, that’s not an acceptable alternative. But as Jordana and her husband have shown, it most certainly is. Without this method, she would have never had the opportunity to be a mother. Now that others have seen that it can-- and does-- work, hopefully they’ll consider that as a way to start a family as well.

Jordana’s story is an inspiration to couples struggling with infertility. Her openness about using a surrogate with all her children is also major step forward in getting these issues out in the open where they belong.


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