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Keep Your Friend's Fertility Issues Under Wraps

August 17, 2017
Emma Holt

Having issues with fertility can be extremely stressful. If someone close to you is going through it, you are incurring the responsibility to carry this burden with them, especially if that reach out to you. No one likes to brag about the fact that they are dealing with infertility, so make sure to show your friend the utmost support and respect to help them get through this difficult time. In vitro fertilization, (IVF), is a common procedure that many women undergo when trying to conceive if they have had previous complications with conceiving. It is well known that this procedure is taxing, both financially, mentally, and physically. It is also well known that it is rarely successful on the first, and possibly second, try. If you are not going through this yourself, try putting yourself in your friend's shoes to understand what it might be like for a second. Now that you've begun to explore the complications your friend is going through, do your best to be there for them. If they've confided in you, do your best not to break their trust. Ways you can hurt them without realizing is by merely speaking of the situation. You may think an offhanded comment about their life is a real mess right now is no big deal, but to them, it might be taken personally. Do not throw around phrases to try to make them feel better like, "there is always adoption," or, "I thought you weren't a kid person anyways." No matter what, as long as you listen and be considerate, you can avoid hurting anyone and your friendship will be greatly appreciated.


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