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Male Infertility Can Be Resolved With Pharmaceutical Supplements and Changes in Lifestyle

There are a variety of ways to deal with the problem of male infertility. Here is a guide of how to do just that. Infertility can be scary, but a few supplements and changes in lifestyle are ways to overcome it.

April 22, 2020
Laura Beck

Infertility affects many men around the globe, and it is a growing problem worldwide. While it cannot always be treated, there are some steps to take that can improve the likelihood of a cure.

This article will discuss the possible pharmaceuticals that can be taken as a way to curb infertility, as well as some simple lifestyle changes including:

  • D-Aspartic Acid, Tribulus Terrestris, Fenugreek, Ashwagandha, Maca Root, and Antioxidants like coenzyme Q10 Supplements
  • Get enough Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc
  • Exercise regularly, relax and minimize stress, and lead an overall healthy lifestyle
Man and woman holding hands
While not traditional medication, supplements can be taken in doses that are considered pharmaceutical.

Supplements are one way to go to help with male infertility

These supplements in large doses, more than one would usually need, are considered “pharmaceuticals”

D-aspartic acid, also known as D-AA, and not to be confused with the much more common L-aspartic acid, is most often found in glands, such as the testicles, as well as in semen and sperm cells. Research shows that D-AA is much lower in infertile men than fertile men. Therefore, taking this supplement can give men an increase in testosterone, which is the male sex hormone that plays a key role in male fertility. Tribulus Terrestris, also known as puncturevine, is a medicinal herb frequently used to enhance male fertility. Fenugreek supplements significantly increase testosterone levels. Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb that may improve male fertility by boosting testosterone levels. Maca Root is a popular plant food, and increases sperm count and motility in healthy men. Antioxidant supplements like Coenzyme Q10 can help improve semen quality.

Spoonful of vitamin capsules, with vegetable blurred out in the background
Getting the right amount of vitamins through food as well as supplements can cure male infertility.

Making sure you get enough amounts of certain vitamins is also important

Vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc are some of the most helpful

Oxidative stress may lead to male infertility. Therefore, Vitamin C in foods or as a supplement can improve fertility. Vitamin D supplements can boost testosterone levels. Zinc may increase testosterone levels as well. These vitamins can be taken as supplements or in foods.

Silhouette of couple holding hand up in celebration agaisnt an ocean and sunset
Leading a healthy lifestyle is important in decreasing the likelihood of male infertility.

Lead a healthy lifestyle to reduce male infertility

This includes exercising regularly and reducing stress

Exercising regularly can boost testosterone levels and improve fertility. Stress can reduce sexual satisfaction and fertility. Therefore, maintain a stress management plan and make sure to relax often. Finally, lead an overall healthy lifestyle, which can improve fertility as well. 

While male infertility is common, it can be scary and a nuisance when trying to conceive. Follow these steps in both transforming your lifestyle and intake of vitamins and supplements to improve your likelihood of being a fertile man.


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