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Maria Menounos Considers Surrogacy

The TV host has struggled with infertility in the past

March 4, 2019
Bridget Houlihan

Many women struggle with infertility, and celebrities are no different. It seems that more and more celebrities every day opening up about their struggles with infertility, in hopes that letting the world know will help other women know they are not alone. One option for couples who are undergoing infertility treatment is to consider the use of a surrogate. Maria Menounos-- former host of E! News-- said she and her husband were seriously weighing this option. In this article we’ll discuss how candid she’s been about:

  • Her brain tumor
  • Struggle with infertility
  • Considering surrogacy

maria menounos in a white dress
Image courtesy of Zimbio. After having a brain growth removed, Maria Menounos knew that it was the right time to think about motherhood.

Brain Tumor

In 2017, Maria was diagnosed with meningioma, which is a growth along the layer of tissues that line the brain and the spinal cord. Maria stated she noticed her vision had become blurred and she had trouble reading the teleprompter, which instigated a visit to the doctor. While they are the most common type of tumor found in the brain, surgeons took about seven hours to remove the benign growth.

This proved to be a turning point for her, and she realized that she would like to become a mother. On New Year’s Eve 2017, she married her longtime partner Keven Undergaro and they agreed they would like to start a family.

maria menounos and her husband pose on the red carpet amidst their fertility struggle
Image courtesy of Live Ramp Up. Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro have been candid about their infertility.

Struggle with Infertility

Maria and Keven had already undergone IVF treatment in 2016, so she was already familiar with infertility treatment and coping with the outcomes. She had undergone IUI because the ovulation kits did not seem to work for her. Then she had another round of eggs removed in hopes to create some viable embryos. She had those embryos frozen, but her doctor stated that if she wanted to have more than one child, she would have to undergo another round of IVF. Maria state how exhausting-- both physically and mentally-- this whole process is, and to have to do it again was upsetting.

Many women can relate to this struggle and how it is tiring and overwhelming. The IVF process could take two viable embryos just to make one child. Even then, it’s not guaranteed the implanted embryo will take.

a pregnant woman who had been struggling with fertility holds her stomach
After speaking with her good friend Kim Kardashian, Maria Menounos is considering the use of a surrogate.

Considering Surrogacy

After her embryos were frozen, Maria spoke to her good friend Kim Kardashian, who recently stated she was a fan surrogacy. Kim chose to have her third child with the assistance of a surrogate after her previous two pregnancies that were wrought with health troubles. Knowing a friend who had gone through this process was a huge help to Maria, and she is considering going the surrogacy route as well. Kim was able to explain her thoughts on the process and put Maria in touch with all the right people, should she choose to move forward with surrogacy.

For Maria, neither a brain tumor-- nor infertility-- can hold her back. Going through these struggles-- and being open about them-- has help countless other couples know that they are not alone.


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