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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Welcome Their Second Child, Baby Girl Lilibet Diana

An exclusive look into the birth of Harry and Meghan’s daughter Lilibet Diana, and their family plans for the future.

July 26, 2021
Allaina Wagner

Main image courtesy of Dominic Lipinski.

The Duke and Duchess, Harry and Meghan, welcomed their daughter Lilibet Diana into the world on June 4th. Lilibet is the couple’s second child and the first royal baby high in the line of royal succession to be born in the United States.

Meghan and Harry embracing son
The couple shared in their conversation with Oprah Winfrey their favorite part of living in Southern California with two-year old Archie -- the outdoors! The family has ample room and opportunities to play outside with their dogs and go on hikes in the surrounding area. Image courtesy of Chris Allerton.

Meghan and Harry’s Past

All about Archie, leaving the royal family, and their recent spotlight in media

The ex-royal couple has been making headlines for the past couple of years due to their untraditional union, choice to leave the royal family, and decision to raise their children in America.

Meghan and Harry met in 2016 through a connection by a mutual friend, who then set them up for a blind date. The pair dated until their engagement in November of 2017 and were eventually married in May of 2018 at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom following royal tradition.

They announced Meghan’s pregnancy of now two-year-old son Archie in the fall of 2017, a few months before they wed. Archie was born in the United Kingdom unlike his younger sister who was born in Southern California, which is where the couple now lives after their split from the royal family.

Controversy has surrounded the young family due to Meghan’s American citizenship and past relationships. Once an actress on popular shows like Suits and 90210, the new mother has been criticized by British citizens infatuated by the royal family, citing her as an outcast when compared to the rest of the family. Additionally, Meghan’s divorce from American film producer Trevor Engelson has also contributed to her unfavorability from a portion of royal family fans.

Despite the controversy over their decision to leave the UnitedKingdom and cut off royal ties, the couple is still adored by millions across the world and their announcement of their daughter back on Valentine’s day of this year shocked and warmed the hearts of many.

Royal family meeting Archie
The couple’s choice of their daughter’s forenames, Lilibet Diana, came from Queen Elizabeth’s beloved nickname, and, of course, Harry’s late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.  Image courtesy of Handout - Getty.

Did Meghan Undergo Any Fertility Treatments?

Fans wonder whether the Duchess opted for fertility treatments like IVF

With the announcement of her first daughter, fans have wondered about the fertility journey of the 39-year old actress and whether she experienced any roadblocks in conceiving due to her age.

While Meghan has not spoken about receiving any fertility treatments to supplement or begin this pregnancy, some IVF specialists like Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh have speculated the use of some of these processes. Dr. Aimee, also known as the Egg Whisperer on social media, proposes multiple ways Meghan and Harry could have utilized fertility services in the creation of Lilibet.

The specialist offers the possibility of Meghan choosing to freeze her eggs previously, which would drastically improve her chances at conception, or that she had secretive fertility appointments in Toronto shortly before announcing her pregnancy. These theories are mere speculation, and Dr. Aimee makes it a point to note that despite Meghan’s age, her chances of seeing a full-term pregnancy were high.

While many may choose to believe that Meghan must have received some sort of fertility treatment for Lilibet’s conception, it is more than likely that the couple’s daughter was created naturally with a tad bit of luck and perseverance.

Meghan and Harry holding Archie
Meghan and Harry have yet to release any images of their newest child, as they hope to place the funds accrued by the photo and press into one or more charities that they support. The couple chose a similar route when Archie was born, as they chose to hold off on immediately sharing photos of their first-born for the same reasons. Image courtesy of Getty Images.

What’s Next for the Growing Family?

The future of Meghan and Harry’s careers and their new nuclear family

The birth of Lilibet sparked what seems to be a new era for the young couple, especially after their groundbreaking interview with Oprah this past March. Harry and Meghan plan to raise their two beautiful children in Santa Barbara, committing their careers to non-profit service through the charity they co-founded, Archwell.

Also through their charity, the couple have been working on a podcast for Spotify called Archwell Audio, of which they have only produced one episode so far. Harry also confirmed that he is taking on a role as the executive producer for a Netflix-produced documentary about Invictus Games, which is being produced by a production company started by the couple.

While committed to keeping most of the details of their family life private, the couple has mentioned in multiple interviews that they plan on only having two children. As for the couple’s parenting style, Meghan has spoken about how she plans on limiting the use of gender stereotypes in raising the children, opting for gender-neutral nurseries and clothing in order to not limit their gender expression or enforce gender roles upon them.

While opting to not share every minute detail of their parenting plans, the couple appears to already harbor immense love for their children despite their jam-packed careers, and is certain to be bright for the beautiful family.

Meghan laying on Harry's lap
The announcement of the couple’s second child came after Meghan’s reveal that she had devestatingly experienced a miscarriage during the previous summer. Image courtesy of Misan Harriman.

The birth of Lilibet Diana seems to have brought Harry and Meghan tremendous joy and will be the primary subject of their attention for the time being, along with their toddler Archie.


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