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Men Have a Biological Clock Just Like Women

July 30, 2017
Katie Visco

I hate to cut it to you boys, but if you try to have children after 45, things start to get a bit shaky. Research shows that men's fertility rates decrease as they age and after 40, and their children even have a greater chance of developing autism or schizophrenia. Just because Clint Eastwood had children at 66, doesn't mean you can too. That's just not reality or normal if you want your child to be healthy, which is what every parent hopes for. If men choose to have a baby when they're older, there are many risk factors involving themselves, the mother and the child. For instance, women's risk of miscarriage is twice as high with partners over 45 compared to those with partners under 25, it may take five times as long to conceive, and the child is more likely to have dwarfism. These are just a few, the list of stats and facts goes on. The best way to deal with this timeclock is to break the silence and educate men on how their fertility matters just as much as women's. Giving men the opportunity to discuss a topic that can be equally as painful for them as it is for women can promote awareness.


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