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Mobile Male Fertility Testing Now Available

December 19, 2016
Rikki Speck

Mobile technology is making it possible for men to perform fertility testing from the comfort and privacy of their homes, and with their favorite “devices.”

For many men, the idea of visiting the doctor for a male fertility test can be kind of awkward, embarrassing and even a bit nerve-racking. Thanks to modern technology, however, it is becoming easier and easier for men to analyze their sperm and perform male fertility tests very quickly, and from the comfort and privacy of their home. How? You guessed it: smartphones. And of course a little help from microscopes.

YO Home Sperm Test

YO is the world’s first FDA-cleared smartphone-based solution for testing your motile sperm. Users simply attach the YO adapter to their smartphone which serves as a mini microscope. After placing a sample on the test slide, users insert the specimen into the microscope and record a video of their sperm movement. The app provides guidance throughout the process with both written and animated instructions.

Upon completion, the system provides a report indicating either small MSC range (less than 6 Million sperm per milliliter) or moderate/reasonable MSC range (greater than or equal to 6 Million sperm per milliliter). The app explains all results to the user.

The developers of YO, Medical Electronic Systems aren’t new to this space; they already have a line of FDA and CE cleared sperm quality analyzers (SQA) which are sold across the globe. YO is currently available for pre-order at $49.95 for a set of two tests. The estimated availability is early January 2017.

Trak Male Fertility Testing System

Rather than being necessarily linked to a smartphone, Trak is a male fertility test that uses centrifugal force to isolate and quantify sperm cells, and then use a companion smartphone app to track results about other contributing factors like diet, exercise, toxin exposure and general wellness. Users just add a few drops of sperm to the Trak disposable test prop. After being placed on the included centrifuge, users can measure their sperm concentration.

The device has been put through over 500 hours of clinical testing and has been FDA-cleared following a three-site clinical trial that demonstrated the technology to be as accurate as a standard laboratory test. In addition to those credentials, the principles of the technology were built around numerous clinical trials and studies.

As far as accuracy goes, Trak sports a dynamic range from azoospermic to 200+ M/mL, an analytical linearity coefficient (r)=0.99, and precision coefficient of variation (CV) < 1.5% (compared to > 10% for laboratory analyzers). If you’re wondering, those numbers are real.

Tenga Men’s Loupe

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have developed a lens that is less than a millimeter thick, slotted into a plastic jacket (though the microscope was originally conceived by Yoshitomo Kobori, MD, from Dokkyo Medical University Koshigaya Hospital in Tokyo). When clipped onto the camera of a smartphone it magnifies an image by 550 times. Tenga Men’s Loupe requires men to wait for around five minutes after ejaculation for the semen to liquefy. They then apply a small sample to a plastic sheet and press it against the microscope for inspection.

When activated, the camera takes a three-second video clip of the sperm, which can then be uploaded to a computer. From there, the video can be viewed on a larger monitor for the closer count and movement inspection.

In a clinical study, researchers tested semen samples from 45 American and Japanese men with the smartphone device and standard computer-assisted analysis. The results showed that correlation between results from the smartphone microscope and those from the computer-assisted semen analysis (i.e., accuracy) was “very strong” for sperm concentration (r = .89; P < .01) and sperm motility (r = .74; P < .01).

Tenga Men’s Loupe is available for purchase via the official company website (NSFW). The researchers also are currently developing an app to provide a more mechanical, assistive and educational experience with the sperm analysis.

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