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Peanut App Offers Support to Moms and Women Trying to Conceive

The Peanut app now has a space called Trying to Conceive which is meant to be a safe space for women to talk about fertility. Women can download the app now to join the conversation.

December 27, 2019
Lia Herman

What is the Peanut app? Michelle Kennedy is the CEO and founder of the app that connects like-minded women around the world. The app offers support to women who have been and are hoping to be mothers. Downloading the Peanut app will connect you to a community of women who are like-minded to you. You can also talk about fertility with the new stage, Trying to Conceive. 

This article covers:

  • What is the Peanut app
  • The next stage of the app called Trying to Conceive

The Peanut App

The Peanut app has several features. The main one is that you can open the app to read posts and threads of women’s issues you’re likely very familiar with, such as relationships, motherhood, and maternity leave. You can then join in on the conversation, inputting your own experience and advice. The Peanut app has raised $5 million from investors like Index Ventures, and the hope is for the app to give support to women fertility, which for so long has been overlooked. Kennedy noticed many users of her app sharing their struggles to conceive a second child. To promote support Kennedy launched the next stage. 

The Next Stage: TTC

A new stage of the app has just launched, called TTC: Trying to Conceive. This space is specifically to discuss fertility. Women can join to seek and give advice, and provide and receive support. The design of it is meant to keep women safe, so content can be marked as sensitive if they contain something potentially triggering. An AI also scans posts to check for abusive content, and will then ask the poster to rephrase the post before submitting.

Someone holding a pregnancy test
Fertility is a concern for many women. If you’d like to hear support and advice from women like you, download Peanut TTC to connect and join the conversation. The app makes conversation accessible and easy to use. 

To access TTC, women download the normal Peanut app but select the Peanut TTC at the start. You will then be shown other women in your area. Based on an algorithm that takes into consideration how long they’ve tried to conceive, you will be matched with other women. The amount of time you’ve tried to conceive is needed during sign-up, but won’t be seen by other users on your public profile. You can then join community groups that discuss topics such as loss or egg freezing. 

With the amount of women around the world it would be nice to make a community of it. Peanut does that, connecting women who have similar journeys of life. And with Trying to Conceive, mothers and women trying to conceive can initiate conversation and find support with the women around them. Fertility has been overlooked for too long and fertility apps like the Peanut app shows it’s time to break the taboo around trying to conceive.


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