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Rebel Wilson’s Reveals a Somber Fertility Update to Instagram Followers

Rebel Wilson shares recent fertility struggles with fans on Instagram.

July 16, 2021
Allaina Wagner

Main image courtesy of AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez.

In an emotional update from the ‘Pitch Perfect’ alum, Rebel Wilson revealed to fans her recent struggles with starting a family in a post on Instagram on May 2nd. While the actress did not specifically mention any specifics about fertility issues in the caption, she notes that it’s been an emotionally draining experience with many ups and downs.

Rebel standing on mountain
Rebel’s ‘Year of Fitness’ resulted in her losing over 60 pounds thanks to her use of the Mayr Method. This diet, created by Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr in the 1920s, instructs participants to limit caffeine and sugar intake, increase alkaline food intake, and be mindful with each bite taken. Image courtesy of Rebel’s Instagram.

Rebel’s Fertility Journey So Far

Rebel’s history of struggles with starting a family

The comedic actress, most well-known and beloved for her roles in various romcoms throughout the past two decades, amazed fans with her intense fitness journey throughout 2020. Touted as her ‘Year of Fitness,’ Rebel met her weight loss and wellness goals while documenting her journey through Instagram posts throughout the year.

With primarily the intention of becoming a healthier person, Rebel mentioned in an Instagram Live from December of 2020 that one of her motivating factors for her fitness journey was to improve her chances at conceiving. She recognized that improving her health could drastically help her chances in creating viable eggs which she plans to later use to start a family. In this live post, she implies that she intends to or has already stored eggs in a fertility storage center for later use.

Rebel has mentioned that while her ‘Year of Fitness’ technically ended with the beginning of the new year, she plans to maintain her wellness by keeping up her healthy lifestyle habits in the hopes of it improving her chances at conceiving in the future.

Rebel at the beach
With over 844 thousand likes and 14 thousand comments on Rebel’s fertility update post from May 2nd, the actress expressed that she feels consumed with appreciation for her fans and their support. Image courtesy of Rebel’s Instagram.

Rebel’s Most Recent Fertility Update

Running into challenges in starting a family

Rebel’s most recent post on Instagram about her fertility journey has a caption that begins with her announcing she “has some bad news” to share. She relays how she has no one to share this news with except her followers, and that she empathizes with the “women out there struggling with fertility,” thanking them and her followers for giving her advice and kind words to help her through her journey.

Her post garnered an outpouring of support from friends and fans, with fellow actress Alexis Knapp and comedian Jillian Bell commenting uplifting messages in the comment section of the post.

While Rebel’s post was unclear about the specifics of the struggles she’s been having most recently with fertility, the actress had previously revealed her battle with polycystic ovarian syndrome and the issues that it has caused with her ability to conceive. PCOS is a hormonal disorder that tends to affect women around reproductive age, causing an imbalance in hormones, weight gain, and in some cases, infertility. This condition is common in adult women and can manifest in a variety of symptoms, including the formation of follicles on the ovaries which is the cause of infertility with the disorder. Rebel’s condition was another motivation for her fitness journey, as PCOS can make it incredibly difficult to conceive if the affected person is not at peak health.

At the end of her update post’s caption, Rebel added a thank you to her fans and for social media’s ability to share strangers’ kind messages and stories with her, and that they made an enormous impact by eliminating her feelings of loneliness.

Rebel and Jacob
Rebel and Jacob Busch dated for almost one year, beginning their love affair around the summer of 2020 and calling it quits in February of 2021. Image courtesy of Grazia.

What’s Next for Rebel?

The future of Rebel’s career, relationships, and fertility journey

Amidst her fertility journey, the 41-year-old comedian has been focusing much of her time and energy on a handful of new projects, including ABC’s new show Pooch Perfect. As the host of the show, Rebel spends most of her time as of late on set filming the television competition. She has yet to release news about any other upcoming roles in films, but this is likely due to her goal of focusing on herself and her health for the past year.

Rebel’s career and fertility journey have been her main priorities, and her status as a #single girl has yet to hold her back in either of those two areas of her life. Her recent split from businessman Jacob Busch back in February of this year had little impact on her desire to start a family, as she is still pursuing fertility treatment without a partner involved. Despite ending her love affair with Busch, Rebel is looking forward to her future and enjoying being single for the present.

Rebel standing in front of lake
Rebel divulged that she was surprised by the attention her fitness journey received from press and fans. She began her ‘Year of Health’ at the very beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and expected that her fitness journey would be majorly outshadowed by the state of the world. Image courtesy of Rebel’s Instagram.

While Rebel has hit some sizable bumps in the road in her fertility journey due to complications with polycystic ovarian syndrome, she remains a beacon of hope and encouragement to all of her fans and followers with her positive attitude towards her fertility. Despite her recent roadblocks, she has developed healthy lifestyle habits that she hopes will contribute to bettering her chances at being able to start a family of her own.


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