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Remy Ma Vows to Help Women Battle Infertility

July 26, 2017
Katie Visco

It is no secret that famous rapper, Remy Ma, has had her own difficulties with pregnancy. She disclosed earlier this year her experience with an ectopic pregnancy, which unfortunately ended in a miscarriage. Remy Ma has vowed to use this tragedy as a motivator to help other women with similar situations. What is an ectopic pregnancy? An ectopic pregnancy is when the fertilized egg attaches itself somewhere other than the uterus. This anomaly can appear in every 1 out of 50 pregnancies. There are many reasons an ectopic pregnancy may occur. Some of these are inflammation of the fallopian tubes, residual scar tissue in the fallopian tubes, or adhesions of the tubes from a previous surgery in the area. If you think you may be experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, contact your doctor or OBGYN immediately. When Remy Ma discovered that her pregnancy was an ectopic one, she was at first ashamed. She felt ���less of a woman�۝ when doctors told her that a natural pregnancy would be nothing but dangerous. They recommended in vitro fertilization (IVF), a suggestion she immediately accepted. Remy Ma has made it clear that she is fortunate enough to have had the finances to undergo this alternative, but is well aware that many women do not share the same luxury. She has since decided to launch a fund that will assist women in need who experience similar issues with fertility and turn to IVF as an answer. The hope is to assist, ���women who are like me or have a similar situation to me, but they can�۪t afford it, could possibly get these procedures done and have children, because as a woman, that�۪s one of the things you can do that no other being can do�۝.  


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