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Should Google Pay For You to Have a Baby?

April 3, 2018
Katie Visco

Companies have started helping women pay to freeze their eggs. Tech companies such as Facebook and Pinterest are on the cutting edge of this new wave, one they say is designed to help people plan for families in their own ways.

This is a big shift from previous years when couples had to prove they were engaging in heterosexual sex and trying other methods to conceive before they could move on to IVF or get any fertility help from their employers

Now things are improving rapidly, especially for families that don't fit the norm. 

Pinterest recently helped a man and his partner with surrogacy costs so they could start a family. "We made a decision to actually research surrogacy benefits with a $20,000 net benefit that directly enabled this employee and his husband to start a family," Serrano, Pinterest's senior vice president of people, said. "They've gone through that process now ... and they're expecting their first child." 

As companies become more open to helping employees with their family lives and the intense costs that can be associated with fertility, they are inspiring more loyalty amongst their employees. 

One woman told Pinterest that she would "reconfirm her commitment with Pinterest long-term because we're in the game." Because Pinterest was so willing to help her start a family and deal with infertility issues, she was more inclined to be loyal to her job there and keep working there, which is something many companies want but is becoming increasingly harder as changing jobs frequently is becoming the norm. 

This is a huge change from when Facebook began to compensate employees who were choosing to freeze their eggs and made national news. Now fertility benefits are all the range, and 62% of Millenial women polled said "they would choose a job that offered a fertility benefit over a job that did not, all else being equal." 

Maybe it's time for more companies to catch up with the tech giants like Spotify and Google that are offering amazing benefits to their employees and who are understanding of the fact that family comes first, and that family planning is one of the most important things their workplace can help them with outside of directly job related things.


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