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The Best Fertility Options For Transgender Individuals

June 7, 2017
Katie Visco

Many transgender individuals find reproduction significant for their life fulfillment, but lack knowledge about their fertility options.  

A study of 213 adult transgender individuals shows that 21% of childless transgender individuals express interest in having children in the future, but only 3% of them had sperm or eggs banked before undergoing hormone therapy. The main reasons why only a few have used fertility preservation are:

  1. Lack of awareness about fertility options (64%)
  2. Cost (44.1%)
  3. Not wanting to delay hormone therapy treatment (19.7%)

Modern technology allows transgender people to have their own biological children. The options for transgender individuals’ reproduction are sperm and egg preservation, embryo preservation, and in vitro fertilization after the eggs or sperm have been preserved. 97% of transgender individuals wish that banking eggs and sperm were offered to them before hormone treatment.  

Early discussions with healthcare providers before hormone therapy treatment can raise awareness and access to available reproductive options.  


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