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The Dangerous Effects of Smoking on Male Fertility

July 10, 2017
Katie Visco

  There is already a huge list of reasons why smoking is bad for your health. Here are a few more reasons to add to that list. From a fertility perspective, smoking damages blood vessels, including the ones that flow to the penis, according to Dr. J. Patrick Selph from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. This then leads to erectile dysfunction. Other cardiovascular issues that smoking causes on the heart and lungs can make men not be able to engage in intercourse. Selph's basic conclusion is that heart health is linked to penis health, so anything that increases risk of cardiovascular disease or blood pressure, also decreases the chances of men having healthy sex. The same is true for the inverse. Heart-healthy diet and exercise will inevitably increase men's penis health and sex lives. Studies show that men who smoke have decreased sperm count and motility as well. This depends on how much you smoke, with heavy smokers having a lower sperm count than moderate smokers. What happens to the sperm cells in smokers is that they lose their ability to fight off free radicals within the seminal fluid. At the same time, smoking itself causes an increase in free radicals in the seminal fluid. If you're having trouble quitting smoking, understand that it is a difficult addiction to overcome. Don't beat yourself up too much for relapsing, because that may only make the addiction worse. Check out these tips to help end the addiction.


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