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The Infertility Journey of Anna Victoria

Anna Victoria has struggled with infertility.

April 17, 2019
Bridget Houlihan

Instagram star and personal trainer Anna Victoria recently opened up on her YouTube blog about her struggles with infertility. She and her husband Luca has been trying to conceive for much of 2018-- and after that long year-- she decided to open up to her legions of fans. Anna Victoria is not alone, and thousands of women and couples struggle with trying to become pregnant the natural way. In this article, we’ll get a glimpse of Anna and her husband’s struggle over the past year-- and what their hopes are for the future-- including:

  • Learning all about how to get pregnant
  • The infertility journey
  • What they are working on for the future
Anna Victoria
Image courtesy of Self. Anna Victoria recently opened up about her struggle with infertility.

Getting pregnant

Anna recently released a very emotional-- and very personal-- video where she finally felt she was in a place where she could feel comfortable opening up about her struggle with infertility. She comes from a large family-- and never in a million years did she dream that she would have difficulty becoming pregnant. After 6 months of trying, she wasn’t disheartened yet-- as it can sometimes take couples years to conceive naturally-- and is dependent upon so many different variables.

A couple of times over the course of last year Anna was absolutely convinced she was pregnant. But after getting her regular period each month-- she learned that she was symptom spotting-- and looking for signs that her body is telling her that she might be pregnant. She quickly learned to stop Googling all the various symptoms-- she found out that they could mean either you were or you weren’t pregnant-- it just depends on the woman. That’s when she decided she needed to take control and learn her cycle, and when the best time was to try and conceive. She started listening to her own body, and not what articles or journals said about the signs of pregnancy.

Anna Victoria
Image courtesy of The Today Show. Stress can cause unwanted problems when trying to conceive.

The infertility journey

One of the biggest problems lots of couples face when trying to conceive is how to reduce the amount of stress in their lives. Anna became aware that this is a large concern amongst other couples as well-- and learned that it could be having an affect on their ability to get pregnant. It didn’t help that 2018 was one of the most stressful years of her life. She mentioned in the video that she was usually very good at handling stress, but just couldn’t seem to stop stressing about not getting pregnant. Every month when she hoped that her period wouldn’t come-- it was a roller coaster of emotions. Her husband Luca was right there with her-- and when she would see his disappointment-- it would make her even more stressed.

She and Luca were both checked out and found to be healthy, and since everything was functioning normally-- it was a mystery as to why they could not conceive. This is called unexplained infertility-- and was a frustrating diagnosis to add to an already stressful situation. Another unfortunate event that happened in 2018 was that her OB/GYN-- which she was very close too-- passed away suddenly. She then had to go through the process of finding a new doctor while still trying to conceive naturally. This is when she and her husband realized they may need to seek out help if they hoped to become pregnant.

Change in diet and exercise regime

Once they realized that fertility treatment could be in their future, Anna’s doctor recommended some changes to her diet and exercise regime. She started eating a Mediterranean diet-- which is high in proteins and good fats-- and could assist in boosting fertility. They also suggested she tone back her high intensity workouts as well. For a personal trainer, Anna has admitted this has been very hard for her-- but she believes it will definitely be worth it if it helps her conceive.

Of course that doesn’t mean no exercise at all-- she just had to adapt to more low intensity sessions. Since working out is also a stress reliever for her, Anna said she is still working to find the right balance between working out and finding other ways to reduce stress.

Anna Victoria
Image courtesy of Style Caster. Anna made changes to her diet and exercise routines at the suggestion of her doctor.

What the future holds

After continued discussion with her doctor-- and based on her test results-- Anna and her husband decided to go forward to begin IUI treatment. If after that they are still unable to conceive, she said they would definitely consider starting IVF treatment down the road. She said that she did not reach this decision lightly, and that part of her wanted to continue trying naturally.

However, she was concerned that it might take another year-- and she could still come up empty handed. Anna just did not want to be in the same position she is now-- after a whole other year has passed.

Anna Victoria felt that she needed to let this secret out into the open-- if she shared her infertility story and it was able to help someone else-- she said it would all be worth it. She wants other women to know that there is nothing wrong with them-- and couples should should have no shame in their infertility journey.


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