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The Power of eIVF Data

September 16, 2017
Emma Holt

Critical Insight Into Fertility Marketplace 

eIVF fertility informatics integrates reproductive medicine expertise and business insight to provide real-world, evidence-based market intelligence for managing your product's lifecycle. Access to our comprehensive data assets, provides unparalleled insight into the fertility marketplace, strengthening your ability to drive decision making and develop successful commercialization strategies. 

Unfettered Access to Actionable Data 

Our informatics products access and report information based on proprietary data assets, offering a comprehensive view of the fertility landscape. Analysis of the data assets provides the information necessary to make more informed strategic branding and business decisions. 

Our proprietary data assets include: 

  • EHR data
  • Embryonic development data
  • Genetics/reference lab data
  • Claims/reimbursement data
  • Pharmacy data

EHR Data 

eIVF, a fertility-specific electronic health record and practice management solution, captures comprehensive clinical, administrative and financial information on tens of thousands of patients each year. Accessing this timely information enables eIVF Fertility Informatics to provide analytics at clinically detailed levels, including patterns of care measures, embryonic development, laboratory and procedure results, and performance status readings. 

Embryonic Development Data 

The eIVF affiliated practices collect and maintain the most accurate information to optimize processes in this complex continuum of interwoven events- from retrieval to fertilization, cleavage, biopsy, blastocyst development, embryo transfer, cryopreservation to thawing processes. eIVF Fertilization Informatics provides targeted view of the overall fertility market allowing better prediction of market size, verifying projections, identifying best potential market for clinical strategies, as well as gaining real-time insight into equipment, media, PGD and PGS, drug utilization, stimulation protocol, and genetic laboratory market movement at a granular view. 

Claims/Reimbursement Data

All billing information within the eIVF affiliated practices is routinely integrated into one common database that contains the complete longitudinal encounter information for patients treated. This data includes the information needed to identify reimbursement issues. It might also allow for the development of customized reimbursement strategies based on Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) data. Our remittance data, collected from eIVF affiliated practices, presents a broad view of both regional and national payers. 

Pharmacy Data 

Real-time, pharmacy market penetration information allows you to view purchasing and turnover of our national network of affiliated practices. eIVF maintains an accurate, real-time database that tracks prescribing habits, centralized drug utilization, purchasing and distributing operations.


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