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The Top 10 Fertility Podcasts of 2020

The Year’s Best Podcasts on Fertility Science, Parenthood, and More!

December 16, 2020
Katie Sabel

The end of 2020 is fast-approaching, and what a year it’s been. Through all of the ups and downs, we’ve had a lot to be thankful for in terms of great content that’s helped us along the way. 

Not too far back, we took a look at the top 10 infertility blogs of the year. And now, it’s podcasts’ turn! If you’re looking for great interviews and testimonies from experts, real parents, and doctors, it’s never been easier. There’s a ton of great podcasts out there for you that you can access on-demand, on-the-go or even just on your couch! So, for the next time you want to hear some fertility wisdom, here are our top ten fertility podcasts of 2020.

The Stork and I

The thumbnail for the podcast The Stork and I, one of the top 10 fertility podcasts of 2020

Mel is a single mother by choice, blogger, and now podcaster! She has 15 years of coaching experience under her belt, and is here to help out other single women considering solo motherhood via donor conception. Mel has gathered a wide range of perspectives on solo motherhood, interviewing professors, actresses, authors, and more. Season 1 of the podcast wrapped up earlier this year, so be sure to catch up on all those great episodes before season 2 rolls around!

Your Fertility Hub

The thumbnail for the podcast Your Fertility Hub, one of the top 10 fertility podcasts of 2020

Your Fertility Hub is hosted by international fertility coach Karenna Wood, and she’s dedicated to helping her listeners along their fertility journey. This podcast offers great insight, tips, interviews and stories about conception to its listeners. Additionally, Your Fertility Hub is unique because it combines news and expert advice with mind-body tools. So, it’s not just about hard science- it’s about what we all can do to put our mind over matter in order to boost natural fertility.

Let’s Talk Fertility with Izzy Judd

The thumbnail for the podcast Let's Talk Fertility with Izzy Judd, one of the top 10 fertility podcasts of 2020

Izzy Judd has been through it, too. Izzy found success in her second round of IVF, and is here to bring others by telling her story, interviewing others, and talking to medical experts. Let’s Talk Fertility with Izzy Judd allows women struggling with fertility to come together as a community, find support, and become better informed overall.

The Fertility Warriors

The thumbnail for the podcast The Fertility Warriors, one of the top 10 fertility podcasts of 2020

On The Fertility Warriors, Robyn Birkin is here to be your guide. On her podcast, Robyn talks about fertility treatments, how to be your best and healthiest self, and advice on how to conceive. Plus, The Fertility Warriors covers the social and emotional sides of fertility, too! Check out her episode on how to tell your friends and family you have infertility, and dealing grief after a miscarriage. Whether it’s from firsthand experience or through interviewing the experts, Robyn is a great help to women trying to conceive. 

The Fertility Podcast

The thumbnail for the podcast The Fertility Podcast, one of the top 10 fertility podcasts of 2020

Natalie Silverman and Kate Davies are two assets when it comes to understanding your fertility options. Natalie is a Freedom Fertility Specialist and former fertility patient, as well as the founder of the podcast. Together with Kate, a Fertility Nurse Consultant, they host The Fertility Podcast. This podcast covers everything you need to know about fertility, and all the things they wish they’d known during their own journeys. Join Natalie and Kate as they talk IVF, ICSI, secondary infertility, surrogacy, adoption, and more!

Creating a Family: Talk about Adoption & Foster Care

The thumbnail for the podcast Creating a Family, one of the top 10 fertility podcasts of 2020

When we think about fertility, we can get fixated on the traditional path to parenthood. In the ongoing fertility conversation, Creating a Family is here to talk about the many other paths that are available to us. Creating a Family a nonprofit that focuses on infertility, adoption, and foster care education and support. Their podcast covers infertility and the latest in medicine, but also details what adoption and foster care is like. Plus, Creating a Family has great tips for parents who choose to adopt or foster, male infertility, and parenting in general!

The Fertility Hour

The thumbnail for Fertility Hour, one of the top 10 fertility podcasts of 2020

When it comes to the science and medicine behind fertility, The Fertility Hour is a great resource. The Fertility Hour publishes weekly, long-form video interviews with experts in natural fertility, integrative and functional medicine, and preconception-care. The show is hosted by Charlene Lincoln, and features interviews with experts, personal stories, and more.

Faces of Fertility

The thumbnail for the podcast Faces of Fertility, one of the top 10 fertility podcasts of 2020

Faces of Fertility is hosted by Joanna Griffiths and journalist Katherine Flemming. Joanna is the CEO of Knix, a female-run intimate apparel company. Together with her co-host Katherine, the two set out to continue the conversation and nix the stigma around fertility. The podcast features raw and honest discussions, expert interviews, and personal stories from women just like us. Their interviewees come from a broad range of backgrounds, with previous guests including TV personalities, CEO’s, authors, doctors, and more!

Big Fat Negative

The thumbnail for the podcast Big Fat Negative, one of the top 10 fertility podcasts of 2020

Big Fat Negative is hosted by journalists Emma Forsyth Halsett and Gabriella Griffith. Together, they share their stories on the journey to motherhood, and interview experts on fertility. The podcast started back in 2018, and Emma and Gabby have used it to chronicle their own experiences with fertility. They recommend that you listen from the very beginning, and so do we. The episodes are full of ups and downs, and you’ll definitely want to catch every minute of it!

This is Infertility

The thumbnail for the podcast This is Infertility, one of the top 10 fertility podcasts of 2020

This is Infertility is a bi-weekly podcast that combines stories, experience, and science. Each episode talks through the real-life emotional, physical, and financial burdens that people have had in their experience with infertility. The show covers a range of topics, discussing everything from IVF, to infertility in the military, to the solo path. Their mission is to give those struggling a platform to be heard, and those listening to know that they’re not alone.

That concludes our list of top ten fertility podcasts of 2020! We can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for all of us, especially when it comes to fertility science. We hope that these podcasts bring you guidance, comfort, and help you feel the support of the community around you. Remember, we’re all in this together, and we’re rooting for you! 


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