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The top five fertility doctors on Tiktok!

The five best fertility doctors taking over Tiktok!

January 21, 2020
Macie Gelb

Tiktok is a social media app that has been taking over the world over the past few years, with about 1 billion active monthly users. It is especially popular with gen-z, but there is something for everyone on the platform, from viral dance trends to professional medical advice. Tiktok has become an environment where people of all ages can find community and share personal experiences. Women and families struggling with infertility and other gynecological issues, as well as OB-GYN’s with advice to give, have found space on the platform to share stories and help each other. Here, we will highlight five of the biggest and best OB-GYN’s sharing advice on Tiktok. 

Mama Dr. Jones

                                                 Dr. Jones is pictured here with two of her children. Image courtesy of Mind on Med. 

Mama Dr. Jones’, or Danielle Jones’, face is all over Tiktok. She has an impressive 713.8 thousand followers as of January 2021. Besides being an OB-GYN, she is a mom of four. Dr. Jones uses her Tiktok platform to talk openly and honestly about issues she has expertise on, from sex education to parenting. Some of her most viral posts include a series she does with her youngest son, Milo, where she asks him questions or tells him to do things based on suggestions sent in by followers. 

Her OB-GYN reacts segment is also very popular, with some of those videos earning millions of views. In her OB-GYN reacts segment, she reacts to other users’ posts about topics ranging from their struggles with infertility or losing babies, to miracle pregnancies. Her account is also a very inclusive place, from the LGBTQ+ pride flag she has in her bio, to the videos she makes educating users on what gynecology and family building looks like for transgender and queer people and families. There is something for everyone on Dr. Jones’ page. She also has a blog and a YouTube channel where she shares even more advice and information. 

Dr. Lora Shahine

                                                  Dr. Shahine is pictured here. Image courtesy of Pacific Northwest Fertility

Dr. Lora Shahine has a very impressive Tiktok platform, with 246.2k followers. She is not shy about making posts about the sad and ugly truths of pregnancy and female health, like infertility and miscarriage. Like all the other Doctors featured in this post, Dr. Shahine prioritizes honesty and openness over just about everything else when it comes to her Tiktoks. 

In addition to posting medical advice specific to gynecology, over the past year, Dr. Shahine has been very vocal about Covid-19, with many posts urging users to continue wearing masks and practice distancing from others. Dr. Shahine’s page has become a hub for reliable information, covering a huge range of gynecological topics. She uses her platform to spread information about diseases like endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome, as well as offering tips for the best types of birth control, and giving educated and reliable comparisons between popular fertility treatments. Her honesty and expertise have earned her over 2.8 million likes on her account. 

Dr. Allison Rodgers

                                                  Dr. Rodgers is pictured above. Image courtesy of Fertility Centers of Illinois

Dr. Allison Rodgers has a large following, with over 572.6k followers. Like many of the others on this list, she is a mother as well as an OB-GYN, bringing both perspectives to her posts and the advice she gives. One of her main segments on her page is a segment called “Teen Talk” that she does with her teenage daughter, Lily. Together they answer user’s questions and talk about things that we are often too shy to bring up, like how to talk to your gynecologist, or advice for those experiencing their first periods. 

She also makes a point to address and disprove popular misinformation, like the theory that you can get pregnant from a hot tub. Currently, her most popular Tiktoks are the ones she has made about the Covid-19 vaccine. As a healthcare worker, Dr. Rodgers was an early recipient of the vaccine, and she used that opportunity to help promote vaccination and disprove any negative perceptions of the vaccine. Her posts have collectively earned over 16.6 million likes.

Dr. Nicole Alicia Sparks, MD

                                                 Dr. Sparks is pictured in her home. Image courtesy of Nicole Alicia MD.

With “No judgement zone” written in her Tiktok bio, Dr. Nicole Sparks is passionate about talking about things and answering questions you may be afraid to bring up. Dr. Sparks makes videos across a wide range of topics, but she brings the same honest and open approach to each of them. Some of her most viewed videos include a detailed demonstration on how to put in a tampon using a realistic model, a video with helpful tips on preparing for a gynecological appointment, and an explanation about a popular birth control method, the IUD. 

Dr. Sparks also went out of her way during the past few months to post about the United States Presidential election in 2020, urging her followers to vote for Joe Biden, protecting reproductive rights being one of her biggest motivations. She also runs a blog where she shares even more advice and also more of her own personal story, featuring everything from anecdotes about her family to advice for current Med-students from someone who lived through Med school. 

Ali Rodriguez, MD

Dr. Rodriguez is pictured above. Image courtesy of her Instagram account. 

Dr. Rodriguez is the most followed OB-GYN Tiktoker on this list, with 757.5 thousand followers. She is known for incorporating viral Tiktok dance trends into her educational videos. She has a popular segment called “ask an OB-GYN” where she takes user’s questions and comments and addresses them for her entire platform. She is a Latina and proud of it, with many references to her heritage and race on her page, making her platform even more welcoming and diverse. 

She has addressed pretty much any question you could ever have from the impact of Plan-B on fertility, to whether your OB-GYN cares if you’ve shaved, to finding and treating sexually transmitted infections and diseases. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts longer, more detailed videos without the 60 second time limit imposed by Tiktok, and a blog with resources for those seeking information about pregnancy, fertility, or overall gynecological health. 

All five of these OB-GYN’s are wildly popular, both on Tiktok and in real life, all of them with devoted patients and wonderful reviews where they practice. Tiktok has offered them the opportunity to bring their expertise and advice to an incredibly diverse and large platform, giving them the chance to help more people than ever before. 

While some people complain about the presence of doctor’s, especially ones who specialize in areas that are considered “inappropriate,” like OB-GYN’s. All five of these women have received comments like “this is an app for kids,” suggesting that their content is unwanted and misplaced on Tiktok, but the majority of comments are positive and overwhelmingly grateful for the learning opportunities and access these doctors are bringing to their platforms. 


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