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The Truth About Testosterone and Fertility

June 4, 2017
Katie Visco
man thinking

As most men know, it is important to have healthy testosterone levels when conceiving. However, what most men do not know, is that testosterone replacement therapy, some medicines, and some supplements are not the way to increase low testosterone if you’re worried about sperm count.

According to urologist Michael Eisenberg, M.D., testosterone and fertility have an interesting relationship. Increasing testosterone in unnatural ways, such as testosterone replacement therapy, can actually drop men’s sperm count to zero. When testosterone enters the bloodstream through external means, like a patch, gel, or supplement, for example, your brain tells your testes that they no longer need to make testosterone. When the testes are not naturally making testosterone, they’re also not making sperm.

So if you’re a guy struggling with low fertility and believe it has to do with your testosterone levels, you should be looking for more natural ways to increase your testosterone levels. Things like being aware of your overall health, getting 7-8 hours of sleep, and getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day can all help with testosterone and sperm count. When you’re at a healthy weight and staying active on a regular basis, your brain lets your body know that it needs to maintain testosterone levels so that you can continue to have the energy you need. 


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