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This is the Time of the Month When You're Most Fertile

July 16, 2017
Katie Visco

  Most of us don�۪t know much about our fertility. We know that we have a menstrual cycle, throughout which different times allow us to be more fertile than others. But when are those times? Knowing your cycle and your body can help you find the answers. When it comes to predicting the most fertile stages of your cycle, regularity is everything. If you menstruate during the same time of the month, every month, you have a pretty good chance of knowing when you�۪ll be most fertile. If you have irregular periods, that doesn�۪t mean that you can�۪t predict it also, it just might be a bit harder! It�۪s also important to know what ovulation is. Ovulation is when the body releases a mature egg from the Fallopian Tube and becomes available for fertilization. This is why ovulation is referred to as the ���right time of the month�۝ to get pregnant --because a mature egg is properly made available in the uterus. Once you start ovulating, don�۪t assume you have to get down to business right away! Ovulation usually lasts a few days, so you�۪ll have plenty of time to plan. When does ovulation occur? The right time of the month is 14 days before your next menstruation. Note that this is only in an perfect 28-day menstrual cycle! For many women, there is some irregularity, so another good marker is 4 days before or after the midpoint of their menstrual cycle. Whether you calculate your ovulation, or just wait for it to feel like the ���right time�۝, be patient with your body and your fertility! It can do amazing things if you give it time, rest, and positivity.


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