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Top 10 Infertility Blogs of 2020

A compilation of the best fertility blogs of 2020, including personal blogs, faith-based blogs, and more.

November 27, 2020
Katie Sabel

With the end of the 2020 fast approaching, it’s time to take a look back on the year so far! With all of the ups and downs of the year, we’ve been able to find a lot of comfort in reading new blog posts. It’s always nice to have someone to hear from that’s been through it all, especially when so much is ever-changing and uncertain.

From mothers, to scientists, to fertility coaches, these amazing blogs have helped us feel more connected to the community during these tough times. So, let’s get into it! In no particular order, here are our top 10 fertility blogs of 2020.

Inspiring Stories and Strong Communities

Two women look at an infertility blog on their phone while sitting in a coffee shop
If you’re looking for a blog that’s both informative and connective, these are some prime candidates! These writers go above and beyond the call of the blog, offering support beyond just their articles.

Our first category is the inspiring story blog. These blogs are run by real women whose mission it is to share their experiences, and support others who may be going through the same thing. They’re great writers, and their blogs even feature ways to get in touch with the community!

Uber Barrens Club

The Uber Barrens Club is a blog run by a woman named Katy, aka “the barren-ess.” She started the blog a few years ago, and continues to use it today as a way to spread the word about infertility struggles. The blog discusses a variety of topics such as miscarriage, medical infertility, fertility education, and more! 

Plus, the “Club” serves as a community for those who have had infertility struggles to come together and support one another. Katy has used the blog as a space to hear others’ stories on pregnancy loss, too. At the moment, she is even collecting peoples’ stories for a book on the subject- submissions are still open if you’d like to get involved!

Defining Mum

Defining Mum tells all about the alternative roads to fertility. The blog is run by Becky, a mom of three who found fertility success thanks to an egg donor. Becky writes about both the science and the human side of infertility, with subjects ranging from fertility in the workplace to unexplained infertility. 

Becky also recently launched Paths to Parenthub, which is a platform that offers both support and connection for donor conception!

Dreaming of Diapers

“The struggle is part of the story.” This quote is the motto of the anonymous writer of Dreaming of Diapers, a fertility tell-all blog. She has been chronicling her infertility journey for years- in fact, she has a timeline outlined on her blog with all the details! 

Dreaming of Diapers is brutally honest about the fertility process in all its roller-coaster-esque glory. Her voice is invaluable when it comes to learning about the fertility process and the different types of treatments out there. Plus, her blog cultivates a community of people who are all going through similar things, and who are able to be vulnerable and connect to one another in the comments.

Infertility and Faith

A Christian places their hands on the bible in prayer
Infertility can be a very emotional journey, and many turn to faith for guidance and hope. These writers talk about their own journeys with infertility and faith, and provide helpful resources to their readers.

Our next category is fertility blogs that feature the subject of faith. Oftentimes in discussions of fertility, we hear a lot more about the science side of things than the personal outlook side. Faith has been a great comfort to these bloggers along their fertility journey, and they’re here to share their wisdom, faith, and positivity with you!

Amateur Nester

When it comes to our personal journeys with fertility, one topic often left out of the conversation is faith. Well, blogger Lisa is here to offer a lifeline in that regard. Lisa is a Christian mother of two, and found success in undergoing IVF. 

She offers her readers a variety of resources, both religious and non-religious. Whether it’s through prayer guides, inspirational quotes, or general IVF tips, Lisa’s blog offers a lot of hope to those undergoing IVF or other fertility treatments. 

Life Abundant

Jessi is a Christian wife and mother who writes about her own experience with infertility, especially through the lens of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Jessi is the mother to a ten-year-old named Zoey Liz, and is currently trying to get pregnant again. She writes about a range of topics from miscarriage, to lifestyle, to PCOS awareness. Plus, she also shares helpful faith-based resources that have helped her through her difficult journey.

Other Great Resources

A woman sips coffee and reads infertility blogs on her laptop
When you’re not sure where to turn, oftentimes what you need is a real expert. These blogs are a great resource- they combine scientific expertise with helpful anecdotes!

While advice can be helpful, sometimes what you really need is the word of an expert. Well, these blogs are a great place to start! These blogs offer a lot of information on the science and health side of fertility, alongside some personal anecdotes from mothers as well. 

Learning Center by RMA of CT

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMA of CT) offers a blog as one of the many helpful services linked on their website! The site in general offers information about fertility testing, treatment options, and their fertility clinics in New York and Connecticut. They also keep a blog with all things fertility news, personal anecdotes, and helpful advice. If you’re looking for a professional opinion, the Learning Center blog is a great resource.

Modern Fertility

Modern Fertility offers its readers a lot of crucial information about the science of fertility. Their expertise spans across subjects like birth control, hormone testing, general fertility knowledge, and what it’s like to be on the path to parenthood when you’re LGBTQ+. Plus, Modern Fertility also hosts guest writers who share their own stories! The writers share their own experiences with infertility- what worked, what was a waste, general tips, and everything in between. 

Other Topics

A mom and her child read blog posts together on a laptop
From fat positive fertility, to single motherhood, to accepting a life without children, these blogs have a lot to offer their readers.

Special topics make great blogs, and these three blogs are prime examples of that! They definitely range in their subject matter, but they each have great wisdom to share with their readers.

Fat Positive Fertility

According to blog writer Nicola Salmon, the fertility journey for people who are overweight leaves a lot to be desired. Oftentimes, struggling to get pregnant is just dismissed as the patient needing to lose weight, which is anything but helpful. Nicola is a huge advocate for change in how overweight women are treated during their fertility journey. 

Her blog tackles all things “fat fertility,” including pregnancy loss, fighting the fear of weight gain while pregnant, and body acceptance. She is also a well-qualified fertility coach, and she’s available for hire!

The Stork and I

Mel is a single mother by choice, and she is here to help! Mel’s blog is a combination of her own stories, great single-parenting advice, and discussions of fertility in the world at large. With 15 years of coaching experience under her belt, Mel is sure to be able to help readers through their own journeys.  

If you’re considering becoming a single parent by choice, this blog is a must-read. And, for even more wisdom, Mel also has a podcast, and offers solo motherhood coaching sessions!

Life Without Baby

Lisa Manterfield went on her own journey with infertility, and what she found at the end of the path was contentment. Lisa’s journey is atypical to other infertility stories- after a long battle with infertility, she decided to come to terms with her infertility. What resulted is a wonderful blog (and many books) about what it means to live a fulfilled life without children, how to have those difficult conversations, and how to come to terms with infertility. 

We should also note that as of July of this year, Lisa has decided to retire from the blog. However, her posts in the first half of the year (and her body of work in general) more than earn her keep on this list. She has a fantastic archive on her blog to consult if you need support in starting your own life without baby. 

We hope you enjoy these must-read blogs of 2020! We can’t wait to see what the world of fertility has in store for us all in 2021.


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