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Top 3 Reasons Why Millennials Are Uncertain About Having Kids

June 25, 2018
Katie Visco

Millennials, just like Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, have gone through large shifts in both society and culture.  Millennials catch a lot of flack from Gen Xers and Baby Boomers for not having as much money, not working as hard, being selfish, etc, etc.  Baby Boomers and Gen Xers also like to harp on Millennials for childbearing. Millennials are not having kids like the Boomers or Gen Xers and there are quite a few reasons why.

  • Millennials make less money
  • Millennials ARE selfish
  • The modern-day cultural shift
  • Body Image

We’re Broke!

Millennials Are The Least Paid and The Most Educated Generation

cap and money
Tuition has risen by 150% since the baby boomers era. ‍(image courtesy of publicbroadcasting.net

As a millennial, I can honestly say that I'm not ready for kids, we have a lot going on! We have been told that we need college but with social issues and the high cost associated we have some difficult decisions to make .

College is expensive, that's no secret, the average amount borrowed for college tuition is over $35,000. On top of that tuition is up 150% compared to when Baby Boomers were attending college.  Many of us are still in college working towards a degree that doesn't guarantee a job after college.  With so many millennials in higher education, working for a bachelor's degree, there is a lot more competition for jobs after college. Many employers are looking for a college degree even if it isn't required for the job.  With all these factors in play, it isn't too far off to say that we aren't ready for kids. For many of us, our focus is on our career rather than having children because we simply can't afford it.

Because of college and the economy, many millennials are living paycheck to paycheck.  Between rent, gas, food, education, our career, and everything in between, we don't have the time or the $233,610 it takes to raise a child.  But college tuition and a lack of money isn't the only reason for not having children.

“I want to have kids… someday”

We Have Different Values

The world has changed.   For the Baby Boomers and Generation X, the focus was on making money and having a family.  Many millennials don't want that anymore, many of us ARE selfish, but when did being selfish become a bad thing?  Generations before us have been saying that millennials are selfish for not wanting to have children and wanting to focus on a career, but our values are very different from the previous generations.  Some of us frankly just don't want kids. Many of us don't see any reason to have kids, we can barely take care of ourselves! How can we be expected to raise a child when we're still children ourselves? I'm not sure how it is for other millennials but I don't want kids, at least not anytime soon.  My girlfriend and I can hardly afford our cat, so we certainly can't afford a child.

The perspective in the modern culture has changed, we no longer are focusing on family. We would rather spend our time learning, traveling, and being alone rather than worrying about little Timmy and getting him into kindergarten.  This isn't to say that all millennials are like that, I know many people my age that are having kids or want to have kids, but many of the people I‘ve talked to have said "I want to have kids… someday.”  The world moves a lot faster now because of the internet, with so much information available at our fingertips.  With this information, we can know about the beauty of a child but we also know the repercussions and difficulty that can come with it.

Body Image

Millennials Care About Their Body

Many of the millennials I know don't want kids because it will "ruin" their body, while the term "ruin" may seem a bit strong, can you really blame us? Everyone wants to be and look youthful and with the late start of adulthood for millennials many of us are still looking for someone to be with and aren't ready to settle down yet.  If we were to have children at 20 today it would be very different than when our parents had kids.  We wouldn't own a house because they are 3 times as expensive now.  The majority of millennials are stuck paying rent, paying off college loans, and trying to balance a social life with the little funds we have.  Having a child would be bad for both the child and the parent.  

Culture has changed

The World is Very Different Now

‍(image courtesy of blog.marketculture.com)

Our generation is in a very different cultural climate.  It's clear when looking at gen x many parents wanted a child and were able to put those children into higher education since it was much more affordable compared to now. They wanted to be able to experience the parenting because things aren't as complicated as they are now, with the internet and all the information that comes with it millennials have more information available which adds to our workload.  Baby boomers lived and enjoyed suburb life and were looking for a good reason to stay like that children were a factor in that decision.For the previous generations, it made sense to want children.

In the end…

Our generation has been able to look at the growth and change in America like never before. With so much happening at this time, it's hard to argue for kids.  We don't want our children to grow up in a world with so much going on.  We want to try and solve some of these issues to make the world better for our children before we bring them into.

It's not that millennials hate kids, much of this generation isn't ready for children. With the constantly changing culture, lack of money, and our changing values, children aren't the focus of our immediate future, and that's ok.  Children are a huge responsibility and many millennials simply aren't in the position to be responsible for another person's life just yet.  This isn’t a bad thing however, We want the best for our children just like the generations before us and we just want to be sure that we can give them that.


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