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Top 5 Fertility Apps for Women Trying to Conceive

Apps that can help you track your fertility

November 29, 2019
Bridget Houlihan

In our connected world, there’s an app for everything. Whether you want to do brain games, lower your debt, or even learn how to take better pictures, it’s never been easier to have so much access to many different applications. Not to be left out, fertility and ovulation apps have sprung up all over the place recently, each claiming to help you track your cycle and increase your chances of becoming pregnant. But what exactly do these apps do, and can they increase your chances of conception? We’ve taken a closer look at five apps that claim to help couples understand their fertility and conceive faster. 

Keep reading to learn:

  • What exactly do fertility apps do?
  • What are some good options if you’re looking to track your ovulation cycle?
  • Can they work?

apps on a smartphone
Fertility apps are a helpful option for women who want to increase their chances of pregnancy. 

What Do Fertility Apps Do?

Once you’re ready to begin your conception journey, one option available to couples is to use an app to track their fertility. This is referred to as the fertility awareness method (FAM) and it helps women track their menstrual cycle in the hopes of bettering their chances of conception. By tracking her daily biological changes, apps can use statistical analysis to figure out which days she is ovulating, and therefore more likely to conceive. It marks days that are known as her fertility window-- when she would want to have sex in order to possibly become pregnant, or refrain from sex to avoid a pregnancy. 

Timing for ovulation can vary from woman to woman, which is why a one size fits all approach is not recommended. Apps allow each woman to monitor her own cycle, and track her own fertility window in the process-- not just what a textbook says should be her fertility window. By taking basal temperatures and monitoring daily changes in cervical mucus, women have more convenient option to track their menstrual cycle, and learn more about their fertility window.

When used correctly, FAM can also help spot potential problems before they turn into a major issue. Knowing that you’re ovulating each month is a reassurance that you cycle is functioning normally, so when this gets interrupted or the days between ovulation grow or shrink, it might be a clue that something else is going on. 

computer and smartphone apps
Consider checking out a couple of apps first and see which interface you like to work with the most.

Best Options for Fertility Tracking

There are a lot of fertility apps out there, so how do you know which one is right for you? Before downloading any app, it’s recommended that you first speak to your gynecologist first and that you have an understanding of the FAM method and how it works. In other words, it would be in your best interest to do some research before going off hormonal birth control completely. 

Clue Period Tracker

This period tracker is a great place to start if you’re interested in learning about your monthly fertility cycle. This app has you log your basal temperature each morning in order to develop a baseline for tracking your cycle. It also comes with an ovulation calculator as well as predictions on what your most fertile time of the month is. A lot of other users seem to like this one too, as it is rated 4.8 on both iPhone and Android.

Fertility Friend

This app has the ability to track your period as well as your ovulation cycle, and makes it into a convenient calendar-- so you always know when your most fertile days are. By using your specifics, it can make a personalized fertility tracker and offer tips and insights into your own fertility journey. There’s even a way to get alerts on your ovulation days.


This handy app is able to track your period as well as your ovulation cycle. But it can also monitor temperature changes as well as cervical fluid. This is extremely helpful when trying to map out your fertility window for that month. This app also allows you to sync the oral thermometer Wink with the app, allowing for a convenient way to make sure your temperature readings are as accurate as they can be.

pregnant woman on a beach

Fertility trackers are a great way for women to become familiar with their ovulation cycle and fertility window.


This app is a great option for women who want to accurately track their fertility cycle and hopefully speed up conception. If you choose to get the premium option, you’ll also have access to guided meditations, charts, and the information of other women going through similar situations. Glow is also the first app to allow men the option to log their data as well. What is really interesting is that you can choose to sync both partners’ data together, and get a more complete fertility picture.


This app tracks your fertility cycle by incorporating your temperature, but it also utilizes data regarding your eating and sleeping habits as well to give a more complete picture of your fertility window. Ovia can also offer women other useful information such as average cycle length, period length, and days for intercourse. The data set with this app has been collected from millions of women, making it one of the largest data sets to date.

Are These Apps Proven to Work?

Women have tracked their fertility cycles for hundreds of years, but now it is more convenient than ever. Each woman has a different fertility journey, and should do her research into FAM and find an app that accurately tracks her information. Tracking your fertility can improve your chances of conception, so it’s important to find an interface that works for you and can keep you up to date on your fertility journey.


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