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Top Influencers Who Shared Their Infertility Journey With the World

Influencers open up about their fertility journey

December 4, 2019
Bridget Houlihan

As any woman dealing with infertility, you are aware that it can be a long and hard road. There are a multitude of reasons over 7.4 million women in the United States alone are engaging in some type of fertility treatment, but it can still sometimes feel like a journey you have to make on your own. In order to break the silence and let other women know that others are struggling too, many celebrities and influencers have decided to go public about their stories. They hope that by opening themselves up, other women will know that there is not something wrong with them, and they do not have to be ashamed-- in fact a lot of women struggle with fertility.

We’ve rounded up some of the biggest names who have decided to share their infertility journey with the world-- and we’re thankful that they have! Keep reading to learn about:

  • The stigma of infertility
  • 3 celebrities who have struggled with their own fertility
pregnant woman on a beach
Because of the social stigma associated with infertility, some women feel they must make this journey alone.

Still a Stigma

Even in 2019, there still seems to be a stigma associated with infertility-- especially female infertility. A lot of couples do not feel comfortable sharing their struggles with friends and family, mostly due to the barrage of unwanted and unhelpful advice sure to pour in. So they struggle privately, and bear the inconsiderate comments such as “when are you having kids,” or “your biological clock is ticking,” with a fake smile. In reality, these questions are like a kick to the gut, and can leave a couple upset and wondering why they can’t conceive.

Women can take this especially hard, since it seems they bears more of the weight since she would be the one to carry the child. If a couple does decide to be open with loved ones about their infertility, they are also opening themselves up to more criticism and questions. In reality, there is nothing that the couple is doing wrong, and doctors actually do not even know the cause of a lot of infertility problems. That still doesn’t make it any easier for a couple navigating through the infertility treatment process. Thankfully technology offers ways to help, and 1 in 8 couples will end up utilizing one or more infertility treatments to conceive. 

The method a couple chooses depends on their situation, but some of the more common assisted reproductive technologies (ART) are IVF, intrauterine insemination, cryopreservation, and surrogacy. Having these technologies available have allowed couples struggling with infertility another chance to conceive a child.

Michelle Obama
Image courtesy of Vox. Michelle Obama opened up about her miscarriage and IVF treatment in her book.

3 Celebrities who have opened up about their infertility

Anna Nicole

The personal trainer and Instagram influencer has been very open about her struggles with infertility. After she and her husband were unable to conceive for about six months, she decided it was time to see a fertility specialist. She has made major changes to her diet and fitness routines in order to help with the fertility process. Always keeping her fans in the loop, she recently released a vlog on YouTube regarding her preparation for her egg retrieval process. She hopes that by sharing her story, she can help other women along their infertility journey.

Michelle Obama

The former first lady opened up about her experience with infertility and miscarriage in her recent book. She said that her and her husband struggled to get pregnant, and when it did happen, she had a miscarriage. She said the pain and sense of doing something wrong was overwhelming, which seems to ring true today as well. When she entered her mid-thirties, she was aware that her biological clock was ticking, and decided to start IVF treatment. Her and Barack were able to welcome both of their daughters into the world via the IVF process. Michelle wants women to know that miscarriages happen, and it does not mean you’re broken. She believes that by sharing her story, other women will feel less ashamed.

Beyonce and husband
Image courtesy of Elite Daily. Infertility can happen to anyone, and when celebrities like Beyonce share their stories, they help women understand that they are not alone.


Perhaps one of the biggest influencers today, Beyonce also decided to open up about her and her husband Jay-Z’s struggle to have children. She also revealed that she had a miscarriage as well, and it was the saddest time of her life. She even considered giving up the dream of having children, but decided to keep trying. When she announced that she was pregnant with twins, a lot of people speculated that she may have used IVF, but that has never been confirmed. Beyonce decided to share her struggle with the world in order to help other women know that they’re not alone.

Unfortunately there is still a stigma associated with infertility, and women continue to bear the brunt of it. Having celebrities come out and openly discuss their struggles is helpful for so many reasons-- not the least of which it shows that anyone can struggle with fertility. By sharing their experiences, these influencers have started the conversation, in the hopes that one day these topics are no longer seen as taboo and are discussed out in the open.


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