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What Could Be Affecting Your Ability to Conceive

October 12, 2017
Katie Visco
Conceive Effectively

Are you struggling to conceive? If you are facing challenges trying to grow your family, it might be time to check in with a fertility specialist. In the meantime, check out this list of factors that might be affecting your fertility.


Age is the #1 factor that affects fertility in women and can affect the health of your future child.New studies show that an advanced age in men can also have an effect on the child's health. If you are interested in starting a family, talk to your partner and get started early.


We all struggle with managing stress, but high-stress levels can interfere with your chances of growing a family. Try to fit in a few deep breathing exercises during the day or spend extra time with your pets. Even taking five extra minutes in a warm shower can help reduce your stress levels. 


A normal calorie intake is crucial to your reproductive success. Being underweight or overweight can negatively influence your ability to conceive. Making simple changes in your eating habits can go a long way in getting your body on the right track.

Exposure to Sunlight

It might sound silly, but getting daily exposure to sunlight can increase your reproductive success.

Lack of Sleep

Don�۪t forget to get a good night's sleep! Too little sleep can decrease your chances of pregnancy.


We all know that smoking is bad for our health. Even exposure to secondhand smoke can negatively affect your chances of conceiving.

Lack of Exercise

Living a sedentary lifestyle can make it harder to get pregnant. Daily exercise can help reduce stress levels and increase fertility.


The medication you are taking might be negatively impacting your chances of conception. Teratogenic drugs, testosterone supplements (which decrease sperm count), and calcium channel blockers in men should all be avoided when attempting to grow your family.


Toxins such as pesticides and BPA can be interfering with your reproductive health. While you can't always control the world around, you can take simple steps to escape the potentially negative effects of toxins in the environment. Washing loose produce and cutting down on canned food (since most cans are lined with resin containing BPA) can help reduce the possible negative side effects of these toxins.

 If you are attempting to conceive and facing issues, talking to a professional can be the best way to tackle your unique situation. Until you know the root causes of your fertility problems, focus on maintaining a healthy, happy lifestyle and you might have more success in creating your perfect family.


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