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What Does Eating Ginger Have to do with Male Fertility?

Boost your testosterone with ginger

June 5, 2019
Bridget Houlihan

It’s proven that adding supplements-- whether in your diet or in a capsule-- is a good part of a healthy lifestyle. If you’re trying to conceive, it would be wise to include supplements that can increase your sex hormones-- which for guys is testosterone. So, if you’re going through infertility treatments-- and even if you’re not-- it is still a great idea to include some additional foods in your diet that may help increase your testosterone. Ginger is one of those herbs that has been proven to increase this male hormone, and is super easy to include with meals and drinks. Even if your testosterone is not low, there’s no harm in ramping it up!

In this article we’ll look at:

  • How does ginger elevate low testosterone?
  • Some easy ways to incorporate this powerful herb into your diet

man and muscled back
Consider getting more ginger into your diet-- it can increase your testosterone and may boost your fertility as well!

How Does Ginger Elevate Low Testosterone?

Ginger is one of the most used-- and most loved-- spices in the world. It can be found raw in root form, powered, dried, and even crystalized. It is a good home remedy for nausea-- including morning sickness-- and indigestion. It is also a popular cure for inflammation caused by arthritis. But it also has been proven to boost testosterone, which may boost your fertility. In one study it was found that after treating men with ginger, their sperm count increased by 16.2%, sperm motility increased by 47.3%, and sperm volume increased by 36.1%. The study also concluded that the men taking ginger experienced and increase in serum LH, FSH, and testosterone. This is great news for men who might be struggling with low sperm count or low testosterone.

This study suggests that ginger had this effect on the men because it was effective at decreasing sperm DNA fragmentation (SDF)-- as SDF decreases, testosterone increases. So now that we know ginger can increase your testosterone, what are some easy ways to incorporate it into your diet?

ginger in root form and powder
It’s so easy to incorporate ginger into your diet-- it tastes delicious with almost anything!

Easy Ways to Get More Ginger

Ginger is an extremely versatile herb-- and thankfully for men struggling with infertility-- it is very easy to incorporate more of it in your diet. Perhaps the easiest is to make a tea with either the powder or the dried form. Just add hot water and you’ll be enjoying a mug of gingery goodness.

Try adding the raw root the next time you and your partner cook up an Asian stir fry. It adds a bright taste-- and a little bite-- and complements any sauce and vegetable combination. Ginger is also amazing in soups-- and even baked goods-- but if you need more inspiration, take a look at these recipes and be sure to try a few out!

Even if you don’t have low testosterone, it’s still a good idea to incorporate ginger into your diet. It has numerous healthy effects on the body, one of which is boosting testosterone in men. What’s your favorite way to incorporate ginger into your diet?


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