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What Happens if I Miss Taking a Birth Control Pill?

March 3, 2018
Katie Visco

Birth control is widely used to prevent unwanted pregnancies. But what happens if you miss a pill? What are the odds that you'll actually become pregnant because of it? 

If you aren't aware of what missing a birth control pill could do, keep reading. We're here to explain what these pills are and give you answers as to how they work.

 Dr. Rita Bakshi, a chairperson of the International Fertility Centre, believes birth control pills are one of the best ways to prevent pregnancy because they are safe and a reliable method. Birth control pills are usually taken starting from the second day of the period through twenty-one days. She explains you must remember to take one pill every day. If you forget, there is an immediate risk of pregnancy, and the longer you go without taking it the greater the chances of becoming pregnant become. 

Dr. Bakshi suggests incorporating pill consumption so it coincides with your daily rituals. For example, you could fit it in with your morning routine and ingest it with breakfast, or before brushing your teeth. This will help ensure you remember to take it and take it at the same time every day

As for the side effects of birth control, Dr. Bakshi says, "Some women may experience nausea or diarrhea due to these pills. There is a risk of weight gain as well." She cautions that the majority of weight gain cases are only temporary and shouldn't act as a deterrent from taking such an effective birth control solution. "Weight gain isn't really that big a problem compared to an unwanted pregnancy. So, ladies, it's better to be safe than be sorry."

Taking birth control can be a great option to prevent pregnancy. Just remember to swallow your pill every day! If you're still concerned or have questions about birth control, consult a specialist or doctor for more information.  


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