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What to Expect at the Spring 2021 American Fertility Expo

If you are interested in starting your family, connecting with fertility professionals, or just want to learn more about what fertility options are available to you, the upcoming American Fertility Expo this spring might be the best next step for you.

February 26, 2021
Annabeth Collis

A conference that aims to help individual’s start and expand their families, The American Fertility Expo (AFE) offers a full day of seminars and workshops that are all related to various fertility topics, such as IVF, surrogacy, adoption, egg freezing, infertility, pregnancy after 40, male fertility issues, options for the LGBTQ+ community, and more. 

Ticket sales for this year’s Spring Expo will open this February, and even though this year’s Expo will be virtual, it will still offer participants all of the usual resources, including access to seminars by top fertility experts as well as networking opportunities with medical professionals. 

Dates, ticket sales, seminars, the shift online — Here’s everything you need to know about the Spring Expo. 

Two women are sitting down at a professional consultation
Founded with the belief that hope and knowledge can cultivate strength, the American Fertility Expo offers participants fertility consultations and seminars to help people start their families. 

What is the American Fertility Expo? 

Started in 2017 by founder and event director Toyia Moore Borrelli, the American Fertility Expo was created to provide individuals with a safe and supportive environment to learn more about fertility aid, options, and treatments. 

There are many different paths to parenthood, and the American Fertility Expo strives to educate prospective parents about fertility news, advancements, and resources. Offering seminars from fertility professionals and interactive workshops, the AFE allows individuals to meet and connect with other people who are going through similar fertility experiences.

It can be difficult to know the right choices to make during your fertility journey, and the American Fertility Expo has made it their mission to help both couples and individuals discover their best options for starting a family. 

Promoting hope and seeking to redefine fertility options, the AFE offers prospective parents researched fertility options, access to medical experts, and one-on-one consultation, all with the convenience of a comprehensive, one-day event.

a couple looks at a laptop screen
Even though this spring’s Expo will be virtual, attendees will still receive the perks and programs that are normally offered. 

What to Expect from the 2021 Spring Expo

The 2021 Spring Virtual Expo will take place on Saturday, May 22, from 7am-5pm Pacific Standard Time. In addition to featuring local, national, and international exhibitors, this spring conference will have expert-led educational seminars, interactive workshops, rejuvenating activities, and a marketplace with products and services available for purchase. 

How Do I Know If I Should Attend? 

Whether you are interested in pursuing natural pregnancy, IVF, surrogacy, egg/embryo adoption, sperm donation, or fostering or traditional adoption, the American Fertility Expo can offer beneficial information and guidance. 

Still unsure if you should attend? The American Fertility Expo says that individuals will find the conference helpful if they are someone who is 

  • Trying to conceive but having difficulty getting pregnant
  • Considering In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Surrogacy
  • Considering national and/or international fertility options
  • Interested in adoption and/or fostering
  • Interested in freezing or donating their eggs 
  • Interested in knowing more about  LGBTQ+ family building options 
  • Looking to learn more about lifestyle changes that can help you conceive
  • Curious about new fertility research and treatments
  • Trying to better understand their financial options
  • Eager to meet with top fertility professionals and get more answers

Seminars at the Expo

Approximately 30 minutes in length, each seminar session and speaker presentation focuses on educating Expo attendees on current fertility issues, challenges, trends, and innovations. 

If you are interested in hearing unique, fresh, and relevant fertility updates from credible presenters, you won't want to miss the upcoming seminars at this spring’s Expo. 

Along with these seminars, participants in this spring’s AFE will have the ability to be a part of interactive workshops and other virtual meeting rooms.

Interested in learning more about the scheduled seminars for this Spring Expo? The seminar schedule will be posted to the American Fertility Expo website in the coming weeks, so be sure to check their site for updates. 

1-on-1 Consultations

In addition to attending seminars, participants in the AFE have the option to have a free, one-on-one consultation with a fertility expert. 

Interested in a consultation? All you need to do is arrive early and register for a time slot.

Raffles at the American Fertility Expo

Attendees of the American Fertility Expo get access to tons of fertility guidance and resources. But the other good news? All Expo attendees are entered into various raffles, and the winners are notified by email. 

All participants are entered into the general raffles, but attendees also have the option of entering other individual raffles offered by different companies at the Expo. 

rows of empty seats in an auditorium
All seminars, programs, and consultations at the AFE are included in the ticket price, so participants don’t need to worry about cost when deciding which events to attend. 

Ticket Prices and Other FAQs

Ticket sales for this spring’s American Fertility Expo open in February, and there are two different purchase options:

  • General Admission Early Bird Price: $5
  • General Admission Price After April 1: $10 

Access to all seminars, workshops, and consultations are included in the cost of admission, so don’t worry about limiting the number of events you attend! 

Attending Live and Viewing Seminars After the Expo

If you attend the AFE on May 22 from 7am-5pm, you will be able to chat live with fertility experts, ask questions live after seminars, and meet and chat live with other attendees in meeting rooms. 

However, if you are interested in participating but unable to attend during the live hours of the Expo, ticket holders have the ability to access the Expo’s site for 30 days after the conclusion of the event. On the site, participants can watch or rewatch seminars and download exhibitor information. 

The American Fertility Expo is a nationwide event, and people from every state in the U.S. are encouraged to attend. 

Accessing the Virtual Expo

Concerned about virtually accessing the Expo? The AFE has some tips and information that should make attending stress-free and straightforward:

  • Participants should use Chrome as their web browser (Internet Explorer is not compatible)
  • Participants are recommended to use a laptop or desktop computer for the best performance

Still have questions or concerns? You can reach out to the AFE at info@AmericanFertilityExpo.com.   

a baby reaching for its mother's face
Making decisions about starting a family can feel intimidating, but building community and reaching out for help can be great ways to feel less alone on your fertility journey. 

When dealing with infertility and going through fertility treatments, it can be extremely helpful to be a part of a community that can understand your journey and experiences. If you are interested in starting your family, connecting with fertility professionals, or just want to learn more about what fertility options are available to you, the upcoming American Fertility Expo this spring might be the best next step for you. 


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