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You Can Download an App to Test your Sperm Now

January 30, 2018
Katie Visco
Man Using a Tablet

Despite the fact that one in 20 men are diagnosed with a fertility issue, fertility is sometimes still not taken as seriously as it should be. According to Dr. Kenan Omurtag, "Up to 50 percent of couples who walk into a fertility clinic are experiencing male-factor infertility. Male fertility needs to enter the spotlight." Causes of male infertility range from spinal cord injuries to prostate problems. However, these symptoms are often undiagnosed. The idea of going to the doctor's office and going through the awkward process of checking one's fertility is a discomfort shared by many men. However, the YO Home Sperm Test Kit, makes checking your fertility a lot easier, and perhaps less awkward, by bringing the screening process directly to your home.  

So, what's the process?

  • First, you need to download the YO app.
  • Next, produce some semen to place into a Dixie Cup.
  • Then, mix the semen with liquefaction powder.
  • Using a turkey baster, which is included in the kit, transfer the sample into a microscopic slide and place it into a scanner that attaches to your phone.
  • The app then analyzes the sperm and decides whether it is "normal" or "abnormal."

During the waiting period, the app lets you play a trivia game where you get to test your sperm knowledge.  

Okay, but does it work?

One man set out to test this kit for himself. He got an error message after the first taste, claiming that his sample was unreadable. However, the second test assured him that his sperm was normal. He concluded that, although the actual procedure made him a little uncomfortable, it was reassuring to know that there was nothing amiss with his sperm.  


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