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Your Guide To Online Fertility Support Groups and Chats

A compilation of resources to connect with other people going through infertility.

September 2, 2020
Miriam Reid

If there’s one thing that’s been a universal emotion in recent months, it’s the sense of loneliness and isolation that seems to permeate everything. It is so important to find a way to reach out and maintain a human connection. For anyone dealing with infertility, this shouldn’t be a revelation. The journey through infertility is often full of extreme loneliness and the ever present feeling of being alone in your struggles. It is vital to remember that you are not alone, and to find somewhere where you can reach out to others going through similar experiences. Finding an online community full of people who share your struggles can be an enormous weight off of your shoulders. As with all online groups, beware of unnecessary drama, but even with that risk, online communities are a valuable resource.

What follows is a compilation of a number of said online communities.

Resolve and Inspire

Logo for Resolve: The National Infertility Association

Resolve, the National Fertility Association, is an online resource for a myriad of different support groups related to infertility. They offer a wide variety of specific support groups and chats for people dealing with infertility. Depending on where you are in your journey, visit their lists for finding a resolution for infertility, living after fertility resolution, and living with childlessness due to infertility. These lists are supported by Inspire, a health and wellness organization.

Daily Strength

Logo for Daily Strength

Daily Strength is an excellent resource for finding online communities and support groups full of like minded people who can help you through the rough patches. They offer over 30 categories of support groups, and within those categories are over a hundred different specific groups. Their infertility support group has over two thousand members, and they host support groups for secondary infertility, trying to conceive, and adoption.

IVF Infertility

IVF-Infertility.com is entirely dedicated to support for infertility, and offers an extensive list of community discussions on their site. Members have an easy place to introduce themselves and become acquainted with the community, and then may proceed to find the topics that they specifically struggle with. Find their community message boards, chats, and threads here.


Logo for Facebook

If you are already comfortable with the format and environment of Facebook, then you’ll be happy to know that there are Facebook support groups and chats for infertility. The IVF Support Group offers a place for people to share their journeys, hopes, fears, and experiences with others going through similar struggles. The community is over forty thousand people large, and the contents are only viewable to members. Looking for a slightly smaller community? IVF Support is still widespread, but is under twenty thousand members and has the same privacy policy, as does Fertility Warriors Support + Chat Group. If you’re looking for a Facebook Fertility/Infertility group that focuses more on lifestyle, there are plenty more options, such as Clean Eating & Green Living for Fertility, Natural Fertility and Wellness, and Fab Fertile Support Group. There are also numerous groups for specific diagnoses and scenarios, which can be found with a simple search.

The Bump

Logo for The Bump

The Bump focuses on pregnancy and childbirth. They offer an infertility support group engineered to be a safe and open space for people to share their stories. With an aesthetically pleasing and user friendly format, and an open and caring environment, The Bump’s Infertility Support Group is a lovely resource.

Baby Center

Logo for Baby Center

Baby Center is another site that focuses primarily on babies and childbirth, as the name would suggest. They, too, have an IUI/IVF Support Group set up online, wherein members can post about their specific concerns and experiences and get the feedback and commiseration of others in the community. You can find that support group here.


Logo for SMRU: The Society for Male Reproduction and Urology

The Society for Male Reproduction and Urology focuses on the infertility journey from the male perspective. Since infertility is so often focused on those attempting to become pregnant, a group dedicated to the other side of the experience is a welcome addition to the conversation. SMRU offers a discussion forum only viewable by members to conserve privacy.


Logo for SMO: Surrogat Mothers Online.com

Speaking of perspectives that do not largely receive focus, Surrogate Mothers Online, LLC provides resources not only for those experiencing infertility, but also (and primarily) for the surrogate mothers who help many of these people get children. Their message board offers topics of conversation for a wide group of people looking for support and a place to reach out.


Logo for IVF.CA

IVF.ca: Friends Are Here For You is a well-designed and easy to use Canadian online infertility forum. The site offers places for discussions on thousands of topics, and focuses on IVF patients as they make their way through the journey of infertility. With sections for an incredibly vast array of specific categories, including sections for donors, adoption, and surrogacy, as well as chat specifically meant for reaching out to experts, IVF.ca’s forum board is hard to beat when it comes to quality.

Fertility Friends

Fertility Friends is yet another wonderful resource for anyone looking to reach out to a community of people dealing with infertility. Their clean forum design has resources, introductions, and guidelines readily available, as well as clearly marked categories for loads of different support chats. The specificity of organization makes the forum experience particularly manageable, which is good; the last thing you want from a support group is added frustration.

Health Unlocked

Logo for HealthUnlocked, UK'S Largest Social Network for Health, Expands to ...

The chatting community of Health Unlocked is much more freeform and reminiscent of social media than a lot of other sites, which for some people is exactly what they’re looking for. Fertility Network UK is a UK-based infertility support community based entirely around providing a space for people to complain, rejoice, and generally share their experiences. You can find a link to their posts here, as well as a place to join the conversation.

IVF Babble

IVF Babble is an online support network, magazine and resource for people who may be finding it hard to conceive. It was founded by Sara Marshall-Page and Tracey Bambrough who went through fertility treatment themselves – and both, co-incidentally, ended up having IVF twins! Both Sara and Tracey felt that there was a real lack of support – and awareness – as they went through their treatment. They set up IVF Babble to build a ‘trying to conceive’ community and to try to break the silence – and ‘normalise infertility’ for those who are finding it difficult to have a baby.


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