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EMRs are intended to make the clinic staff’s life easier by ensuring a smooth workflow. However, not all EMRs are created equal and, as some of you may know, there are some that simply don’t hit the mark.  If you’re finding that your EMR is hindering your staff’s workflow and causing unnecessary frustrations, it may time to find an EMR partner that can deliver.

If you’re looking for an EMR partner with proven experience that you can trust, look no further than eIVF.

Unified Platform

With over 1/3 of all cycles in the US managed on eIVF, we have the most evolved capabilities in the market - all under one unified platform. eIVF’s fully integrated solution brings together the experience, support and tools needed to form an intuitive, efficient and effective ecosystem.

Gone are the days of disconnected processes and balancing multiple, and sometimes pricey, systems. eIVF offers a true, comprehensive platform where everything rests on one system.

Conversions Made Easy

We have extensive experience converting or integrating with other EMRs:
PLUS we have had successful integrations with Epic, Cerner and Athena
We been able to successfully map from multiple different EMRs into eIVF including:

Strategic Partnerships

We continue to focus not only on bringing the latest enhancements and features to eIVF's unified platform, but also growing our suite of offerings with innovative partners.

Our goal is to ensure that each strategic partnership creates a streamlined experience for eIVF's growing network of fertility centers by providing an easier and more efficient workflow for physicians and their teams.

Continuous Innovation

At eIVF, our goal is to be your partner in progress.  As we build for the future, we are continuously investing in technology and innovative resources to support your practice's growth.

Learn more about our newest innovative product, Fertility Vision!
With our new KPI dashboards, Fertility Vision provides 24/7 insight into key areas within your practice including: Embryology/Lab, Clinical, Operations and Billing.